Staff Team Changes
March 19, 2021, 05:33 PM
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Staff Team Changes

Hey all!  Due to recent events, discussions, and previous events, the CM team has come to a decision regarding some of the role breakdowns. 


From this point on, we will no longer have an ACM role.  The creation of this role was great in theory, but in practice it hasn't worked the way it was intended. 

We are eliminating it for the following reasons:
  • CMs need to be able to discuss members openly and honestly when there are member reports or concerns.
  • Members should not need to be exposed to these discussions about member concerns or reports that may include themselves, their friends, or others.
  • Discussions in these spaces need to have ensured privacy.

We truly appreciate the contributions and feedback from everyone who has held the role thus far!  This decision doesn't come from any specific criticism, but from a recognized need to protect discussions within this space.  Our current ACM, Hela, will continue to maintain her position until her term is finished. 


With the above change, Mods will be given the ability to access mod tools within the forum.  This will grant our entire mod team the ability to archive, restore, and maintain threads across the board.  The CM team can occasionally be strapped for time and small maintenance tasks are annoying to wait for.  This should increase our capacity to fulfill these by a considerable amount.

Anonymous Feedback

We understand that some members hesitate to come to staff with concerns.  Our inboxes are always open, but we are also adding an anonymous submission form for receiving feedback.  It should appear for active accounts within the Contact the Staff forum.  (Please note that we will ignore any submissions that contain personal insults, no matter how valid the feedback may be.)

CM Team

The last change we are making - we've invited Chelsie to once more join the CM team!  We feel that she will round the team out well - she has been invaluable in the past as a moderator, as another unbiased voice in addressing member concerns and issues, and as someone who deeply cares about Wolf and this community. 

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out!  Whether it be in this thread, by PM, in Contact the Staff, or via the newly provided form.