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Saints Of The Dying Light
All welcome, tags were for reference not necessary to join if you don't want too.

The black wraith stood staring up the cliff side at the goats who skittered up and down like they were spiders, big meaty and juicy spiders. Normally she鈥檇 climb up there and chase them down, indeed she had in the past but today, today she felt she couldn鈥檛.

鈥⊿he felt sick to her stomach just looking up, or was there another reason she felt 鈥榦ff鈥 and she had found that she was not as sure footed lately when she was climbing. It felt like her belly was larger then it should be. She didn鈥檛 understand why it kept brushing up against twigs and things she couldn鈥檛 easily fit through the trails she normally took. And it was making her far more irritable and possibly a lot more whiny then normal. Nope she didn鈥檛 feel anything not mad or sad that was ridicules right?

With a disgusted huff she turned her attention away from the cliffs and stared into the pack lands, She just stood there quietly with no idea what to do perhaps she should find @Charles for a distraction he always made her feel better. She could go mark the boarders and by god she needed to pee, but it too smelled weird. Maybe she鈥檇 find a healer like @Arlette or that one that she talked to before @Aerin maybe she was getting an bladder infection.聽 She stood frozen in a brain fog of indecision as time slipped by.

Take your time, [Image: cd8fe6534b017c725839ace0d9b274b3_w200.webp] Just don't waste mine