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Basic Info
Full Name: Scarlett "Monster" Silverpeak
Subspecies: Northern Rocky Mountains Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 4 Years (5th of April, 2011)
Birthplace: Yellow Stone, Wyoming
At A Glance
Scarlett passed away on the 16th of January.
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Profile of Scarlett: Details
[Image: tumblr_nsj1kpPpqh1u2zf4ko3_250.png]Scarlett can be classified as having some form of Albinism. Her pure white coat along with her red eyes point that way. Although Scarlet can not be seen as a full albino since she does have dark pigment by her nose and around her eyes. The female is rather small for her age and will stay that way. Her small frame probably has something to do with the lack of mother's milk. Scarlett tries to keep her fur pure white but this isn't always the case. Scarlett often is covered in mud to get more camouflaged, especially in warmer months.
Scarlett has been bullied her whole life by her family since she was the only white wolf, who also had the unnatural color of red eyes. The pack she was born into talked her down and called her a monster because of her looks. Somehow Scarlett never turned bitter. She tries to be a shining light in the lives of the wolves around her. This female is positive and a bouncing ball of sunshine.

Scarlett can rather quiet and obedient in a pack environment because she longs to be accepted but after she knows someone, [Image: tumblr_nsj1kpPpqh1u2zf4ko2_250.jpg]slowly a happy and silly girl appears. The light colored female easily gets attached to the wolves around her because of her warm heart. Sometimes she might be a bit to motherly in her ways.

Even though, Scarlett can come over as a weak little flower wolves shouldn't be fooled by that. Scarlett has a mind of her own and a certain strength to survive. She likes to prove others wrong. This small framed girl is determined and ambitious in what she does. If she focusses on something Scarlett will put in all her effort to do it right.

This female will not quickly talk bad about others since she knows how it feels to be talked about. She would hate to turn into the wolves of her old pack and make someone feel worthless. Scarlett dislikes bullying and is slowly learning to come up for herself and others.

Scarlett secretly, and sometimes not so secretly, craves for love and affection. Her head is often stuck in a dreamworld. Scarlett romanticized her whole vision on pups and having a mate. She would have nothing rather than a strong mate that protected her. In return she would give him the cutest and healthiest litters. To make up for the fact that she doesn't have a mate she liked to take care of the youngsters in her pack. It is what got Scarlett her Caretaker Trade. She has a weak sport for everything that is smaller and younger than her.
After leaving her family pack located in YellowStone Scarlett traveled by herself all the way to Teekon Wilds. Once she arrived in these wilds she joined Duskfire Glacier since it was the first pack she encountered that accepted her. Her introduction didn't go too smoothly yet, she still entered a pack that would revive her from her travels. Before she came to Teekon Scarlett didn't have the most luxurious or happy life. The female had been tormented for the longest time because of her unusual eye color. Not a lot of wolves in her pack had a pure white fur like hers, along with her eyes they thought of her as a demon. Her mother wasn't very fond of her either and wished to get rid of her, still, her being labeled as a demon she didn't care to actually kill her daughter.

The girl needed to endure two years of torment before she decided to leave. She was bullied her whole life and went to search for her own happiness. She found it briefly at Duskfire Glacier. She was happy and even had a few youngsters to take care of. Despite all the bullying the female wanted to live her life in kindness. Otherwise she would be that monster she was always labeled to be by her family. Scarlett always wanted to be a mother ever since she grasped the concept. She got those needs even more when she got to care for Néa and Adlartok. In the meanwhile Scarlett made a lot of friends while she was exploring all over Teekon; Kove, Koda, Crëyr, Kesuk, Osprey and Raziel were a few of those friends. She even had a brief fling with Raziel, yet after he disappeared Scarlett came into contact with Kove once again. The two instantly felt a liking towards one another.

As the two were trying to figure out their future, it so happened that Scarlett was kicked out from Duskfire since she didn't want to fight in the war and use violence. The female worked hard to climb the ranks and leaned the ways of a pack since her former home didn't really want anything to do with her. Her kindness was what made her get kicked out, refusing to fight for leadership since she didn't see herself as a leader in the first place. Kove suggested to start their own pack and only a month later they managed to gather enough wolves to settle in Bearclaw Valley. Scarlett was instantly certain that she found eternal happiness. She would lead a pack together with her mate and would have all the cute babies. They would live happily ever after! Though Scarlett was wrong again. Soon after she was pregnant from her first litter Kove seemed to disappear more and more instead of spending time with her.

The last month of her pregnancy was successfully carried out only because of the help of Raziel. Scarlett would probably have died, if not having to kill her babies, if Raziel wasn't there. As her day of giving birth drew in closer the female decided to step down to the Beta position and let Raziel lead the pack. He was more of a leader and she decided he deserved it after Kove left her. Kove did return just in time to see their children being born (Desna, Xan, Sesi, Nanook). Scarlett, as forgiving as she is, forgave Kove for leaving and thought this time it was really her time to live her happily ever after life. Nothing was less true, soon after the pups were born Kove vanished again, leaving Scarlett. Later Scarlett's love for Kove was slowly smoldering out like a wildfire after endless rain. To make things more complicated Raziel started showing more interest in her as a love interest rather than a good friend/brother figure. Scarlett couldn't choose between the two men since she wasn't in love with the both of them.

As Scarlett tried to fall in love with Raziel, to keep him as the alpha of Bearclaw, she also decided to break up with Kove and end their mating. She was busy with her motherhood and raising her children, finding that being a mother might not be a good dream job after all. Raziel talked to her about having to go away for awhile, meaning that she as the Beta would have to take over. Scarlett instantly agreed but realized the weeks after that having to run a pack while raising children was every difficult if you don't have babysitters. After three weeks Scarlett was at loss if Raziel would ever return to them. He would only be away for a week not three. Scarlett instantly assumed that Raziel might not be alive anymore and decided to pack her bags and leave Bearclaw. This was not as easy as she planned it since Kove was back to claim his children. After a heavy fight the four children divided themselves over their two parents.
Pack History
[Image: tumblr_nsj1kpPpqh1u2zf4ko1_250.png]Scarlett was mated Kove. They met when Scarlett had gotten lost in the flatlands and the Dark Brother was so kind to point her out the way. Later on, while still at Duskfire Glacier, Scarlett became the adoptive mother of Néa. After her Adlartok joined and Scarlett also adopted him as her own, especially after Tuwawi's attack.

Scarlett will become the mother of four pups. They are called Alexander, Sesi, Nanook and Desna. And she loves them more than anything in the whole world. After having her pups Scarlett was seeing less and less of Kove. Raziel took over the role as a mate for Scarlett and a father for her babies. Scarlett is certain that she will eventually take him as her new mate.
07.12.2014 - Joined DFG
17.12.2014 - Promoted to Iota
28.12.2014 - Promoted to Eta
12.01.2015 - Promoted to Gamma
23.01.2015 - Obtained Caretaker Trade
06.02.2015 - Obtained Gamekeeper Trade
14.02.2015 - Obtained Naturalist Trade
16.02.2015 - Kicked out DFG by Tuwawi

18.02.2015 - Became a lone wolf

12.03.2015 - Started own Pack
12.03.2015 - Became Alpha Female
31.03.2015 - Mated to Kove
18.04.2015 - Became Pregnant
15.06.2015 - Stepped down to Beta
18.06.2015 - Pups Born
09.08.2015 - Unmated Kove

24.09.2015 - Became a lone wolf

16.10.15 - Promoted to Theta
25.10.15 - Promoted to Epsilon
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