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Basic Info
Full Name: Larkspur Ostrega
Subspecies: Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf, etc.
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (January 16, 2016)
Birthplace: Lost Creek Hollow, Teekon Wilds
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Profile of Larkspur: Details
She's a striking throwback to her paternal grandmother, Chena: her fur is a rich blend of earthy, sandy hues that fade to cream on her underside, with a shock of rusty red that trails from her scruff along her spine. She's a little gawky and long in the legs, with otherwise delicate, pixie-like features and big blue eyes. She walks with a slight limp.
Spur's shed most of her childhood skittishness, though she remains rather shy and aloof. She's mild-mannered and gentle; one might even call her motherly, except that puppies are the bane of her existence. Having beaten the depression that plagued her adolescence, she's become something of a free spirit and world traveler. The asocial, nomadic life suits her well.
Pack History
Only natal (parents and siblings) and nuclear (significant others and offspring) relatives are listed.
Parents: Mordecai & Harlyn Ostrega
Siblings: Silas , Pippin , Mariposa & Cajun
Significant Other: n/a
Offspring: n/a
Lost Creek Hollow: 01/2016 — 04/2016
Lone Wolf: 04/2016 — 06/2016
Marauder's Keep: 06/2016 — 08/2016
Blackrock Depths: 08/2016
Marauder's Keep: 08/2016 — 10/2016
Sablemoon Forest: 10/2016 — 12/2016
Sedona: 12/2016 — 04/2017
Lone Wolf: 04/2017 — present

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