Profile of Faeryn: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Faeryn (Fay-rinn) Renoda
Subspecies: Eastern Timber Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 Years (25/08/2015)
Birthplace: Canada
At A Glance
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Art by Meebee <33
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Profile of Faeryn: Details
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“ The whole universe is different from yesterday ”

A small built wolfess, with muscle not easily seen at first glance. She seems petite and lithe, but is secretly rather tough. She has very feminine features, with a coat of a beautiful blue-grey hue. Underneath this blue colour is a base of white and grey, giving her an almost etheral look - she is a sight to behold, with her curious, gem-like colours that match perfectly with her vibrant blue eyes.


[Image: cPjBkRp.png]

She used to be a timid, anxious little wolf, but after being kicked out of Sleeping Dragon her soft personality shifted into something much more deadly, and able to kick ass. While that was good to keep her alive, she realized she didn't really want to be a bitch all the time. So now she is settled at something in the middle of that - still able to kick ass, but only when really necessary.

She's quiet, but will speak when she deems it appropriate, and will enjoy conversation between those she trusts. Fae is dedicated and hard-working, often putting her duties before her well-being in order to keep others safe and she is incredibly loyal. Along with this, she is elegant and regal perhaps, even if unintentional. She draws the attention of many, though as of yet has settled for nobody. Faeryn is a reserved girl, not sharing her past with any.

the seawolf

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Pack History
Lone Wolf
Sleeping Dragon - Iota, Kappa (Down)
Lone Wolf
Moonlit Hills - Theta, Eta (Up)
Lone Wolf
Neverwinter Forest - Iota, Eta (Up), Delta (Up)
Lone Wolf
Undersea - Delta, Gamma (Up), Beta (Up), Alpha (temporarily)
Lone Wolf
Undersea - Ahklut (Council) [Leadership], Seawolf (Down)
Profile of Faeryn: Additional Information
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