Profile of Faeryn: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Faeryn (Fay-rinn) Renoda
Subspecies: Eastern Timber Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 Years (25/08/2015)
Birthplace: Canada
At A Glance
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Art by Meebee <33
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Profile of Faeryn: Details
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“ The whole universe is different from yesterday ”

A small built wolfess, with muscle not easily seen at first glance. She seems petite and lithe, but is secretly rather tough. She has very feminine features, with a coat of a beautiful blue-grey hue. Underneath this blue colour is a base of white and grey, giving her an almost etheral look - she is a sight to behold, with her curious, gem-like colours that match perfectly with her vibrant blue eyes.


[Image: cPjBkRp.png]

Indecisive, but not disloyal - the sylph finds her mind fluttering between countless possibilities, struggling to settle on just one. The world is fathomless; endless ideas lie just within her grip, how is she to choose? She is courageous, not the most talkative but willing to shove herself forward if it's required. Her most prided feature is adaptability - she can mould herself with relative ease to fit just what is needed of her, as long as she desires to cast herself into that role, and this assists her in the random bursts of wanderlust that creep into her thoughts.

Eager to learn; Faeryn has a drive embedded within her to improve and hone her abilities, willing to test her limits in order to uncover the depth of her talents. She wants to uncover the secrets of the world, and play with the untouched elements of her mind.

the seawolf

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Pack History
Lone Wolf
Sleeping Dragon - Iota, Kappa (Down)
Moonlit Hills - Theta, Eta (Up)
Neverwinter Forest - Iota, Eta (Up), Delta (Up)
Undersea - Delta, Gamma (Up), Beta (Up), Alpha (Up)
Lone Wolf
Undersea - Ahklut (Council) [Leadership], Seawolf (Down)
Rosings - Pledged
Undersea - Seawolf
The Vartija - Pledged
Profile of Faeryn: Additional Information
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