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Basic Info
Full Name: Tapat Jakob Larksong
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf x Gray Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 1 Year (1 October 2016)
Birthplace: Larksong Grotto
At A Glance
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Profile of Tapat: Details

Made by Magdalyn

Tapat is a white-furred male that will always stay small of posture especially compared to his brother. Tapat's eyes will turn into a brownish color as he ages, slowly becoming murkier. His small frame makes him quick on his feet. As he is growing he will always be looking younger than his actual age due to his small size and child-like behavior.

Tapat suffers from Short-term Memory loss. He remembers the wolves he is close with but can often forget meetings or events. He is ambitious and very excitable seeing he usually forgets bad experiences in the past. This little guy tries his hardest and loves his parents very much.

Tapat has a very playful and fun outlook on life, as he can not remember most of the bad events that happened in his life. He is very innocent and naive, just like a child. He is quick to be manipulated or convinced to believe a lie.

Made by Magdalyn

Born at Larksong Grotto with his brother Astik on the 1st of October, this young man has quite an interesting way of dealing with life due to his short-term memory loss. Tapat as a youngster was an outgoing kid that liked to do his best. Unfortunately, he was attacked by his jealous older sister at a young age. Tapat, luckily, doesn't remember the attack and survived all his injuries.

After the attack Reek and Jhala moved with their kids to a new territory. They took it over from another pack when the need for a territory was high. Tapat survived a raging snowstorm and heavy winter.

Once spring came along the teenager wanted to explore but finding the way home was tough. Tapat found his way to a neighboring pack, Teaghlaigh. When his parents found him they decided to join that pack, at least in Tapat's view. With the new pack, Tapat thrived under the caretaking of Hemlock. He helped her with gathering herbs and found out that he liked to be a pup sitter as he was always very playful. Tapat even got his first-time crush on Lagan, a boy from the caldera pack. When Teaghlaigh disbanded he followed his family but realized with a broken heart he might not see Lagan ever again.
Pack History
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Parents: Jhala & Reek
Sibling: Astik
Half-siblings: Tambourine, Laurel, Indra
Youth - 01.10.16

13.01.17 - 05.06.17

Leanbh - 05.06.17

13.11.17 - Present
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