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Full Name: Wisteria "Wisp" Frostfur

¼ Northern Rocky Mountains wolf
¼ Buffalo wolf
¼ Mackenzie Valley wolf
¼ Great Plains wolf

Size: Small
Sex: Male
Age: 1 (21/05/2018)
Birthplace: The Sunspire
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Profile of Wisteria: Details
Wisteria is a petite wolf who is too skinny for her age due to malnourishment, but time with her family has helped her gain a little weight back. She is a vibrant shade of gold with a pale underbelly and legs. Her ears and a blaze on her muzzle are a slightly darker shade. Black spills down her back from the base of her skull to the tip of her tail, peppered with silver to resemble a black-backed jackal's stripe. A black line sweeps across each cheek from the outer corners of turquoise eyes. Presently her fur is dull and limp, but is beginning to regain a little of its luster. Wisteria is skittish and reactive and acts as such, with flighty and nervous mannerisms that can quickly turn to fearful aggression in the wrong situations.
Pack History
ParentsLiffey and Rannoch
SiblingsAengus, Breccan, Deshyr Jr, Eshe, Remi, Sionnach and Tiarnach
The Sunspire — 21/06/2018 to 15/10/2018
Lost Creek Hollow — 15/10/2018 to 13/12/2018
Frosthawks — 07/06/2019 to present
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