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Lost Creek Hollow

Basic Info
Full Name: Wisteria "Wisp" Frostfur
Subspecies: Mixed wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 0 (21/06/2018)
Birthplace: The Sunspire
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Wisteria is painted in shades of familial gold with a distinguishing frosted black stripe from scalp to tail tip, deep gold ears and a blaze on her muzzle. She has a pale cream underbelly and paws. Her stripe is flanked on either side by a thin fringe of pearly white along her ribs. She is the smallest of her non-runt siblings and is undeniably a milquetoast. She has bright baby blue eyes that will develop into an alluring turquoise. Currently Wisp is nursing a broken foreleg; the break is clean and will heal normally provided it's looked after.
Current stage: Socialization period. Can see and hear.
Pack History
21/06/2018 — now
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