Profile of Driftwood: Quick Facts

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Lone Wolves

Basic Info
Full Name: Driftwood
Subspecies: Canis lupus ligoni
Sex: Male
Age: 2 3/4 (Spring 2016)
Birthplace: Outside the Teekons—he doesn't remember where.
At A Glance
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Profile of Driftwood: Details
Long-legged with thick, woodsy-colored fur a swirled mix of cinnamon, dark amber, and similar shades. His underside is a creamier tallow, from beneath his chin nearly to his tailtip. His right ear is slightly tattered high up on its farther edge which sometimes causes its point to droop slightly. His most unusual feature, though subtle in most lights, is a slightly caved-in right brow, which starts out normally and then divots in above the corner of his tawny gold eye, though particularly in full winter coat the fur often hides much of this.
He's surprisingly capable of taking care of himself on his lonesome, mainly relying on large quantities of smaller prey such as mice and voles to sustain himself. He has greater difficulty, however, in navigating social circumstances; it is possible this contributed at some point to his departure from his former pack. This is a guess at best, however, as Driftwood himself does not remember, something he finds understandably distressing. He craves social contact even more than most wolves, perhaps as a result of this gap.

His more immediate problem however has to do with his awkwardness upon meeting new people, especially; while he tries very hard to do the right thing, and frequently takes refuge in following the desires and actions of others where he can, he often struggles and has to consciously work to remind himself of what he knows when it comes to good manners: the usual instincts don't seem to be fully intact. Once in a while he also has minor balance problems.

He tends to get on best with youngsters, likely because he often seems something of an oafish puppy himself, a trait not every adult wolf finds charming all the time. Also like a pup, he is trusting and more than a little naive: those on the prowl for such will find him someone easy to take advantage of. His intermittent forgetfulness is a continual problem for him, one that tends to worsen under stress, and he relies quite heavily on environmental as well as social clues from the world at large. Yet he is eager, willing, and optimistic, and once this great-hearted and forgiving creature gets to deeply know and trust someone he is loyal to a fault.
Virtually all of his history is lost in a misty past, though once in a while he may get a flashback, and he does seem to retain a healthy fear of large, hooved creatures. He simply cannot seem to put a name or a place to anything from his younger days, however.

As of January 2018 he's formed a crush on Moorhen, has started neglecting his usual caches of shells and other ocean finds and is starting to get a little bit...stalky.

...Anyone who would OOCly like to plot about linking Driftwood's past to their own wolf's, please contact me! ;) Others who knew him at some point previously may know him by the name of "Heartwood" instead, with the "Drift" replacement in his name stemming from an old and initially somewhat jokey nickname, with this wolf always having loved the sea in particular. Even now he finds the ebb and flow of the waves to be soothing, and finds himself drawn to collecting and contemplating driftwood branches, seashells, strange seaweeds, sea glass and other oceanfront oddities.
Pack History
See above, and although the family tree is gradually getting more complex, if you wanna be a relative please let me know! ;D
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