Profile of Talos: Quick Facts

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Swiftcurrent Creek

Basic Info
Full Name: Talos Frostfur-Mayfair
Subspecies: Mixed Canis lupus
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (28 April 2018)
Birthplace: Swiftcurrent Creek in the Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
UCAN'TSEEMEI'MINVISIBIBBLE Well I can't see you too well still way over there, so obviously it doesn't count. Hmph.

Initially assumed to be male by all who first encountered her, between her uncooperatively assertive demeanor and outclassing of all the other pups in size. Her appendages have lengthened and strengthened: far less of a sooty, fat, uncooperative seal, now more a big black shadow of a bear.
A shining black nose, occasionally protruding pink tongue, and sharp bright white teeth break up the fluffy shadow's monotony. Her fur is lightly sun-bronzed and her ghostly silvery-blue eyes are reaching their final coloration.
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Profile of Talos: Details
This speedily embiggening wiggly black grub easily outdoes all her local peers in size,
and bears a lengthening teenage coat whose uniform charcoal color is transitioning, her patchy half-adult coat starting to bronze brighter in the right lighting, particularly where the sunshine has kissed it along the guard hairs' protruding edging.

Otherwise her shadowy fur is broken only by the deeper shining darkness of her small wet nose, startlingly pale eyes, and (very often) a gleaming white mischievous grin. Her size is impressive enough that she is thought to obviously be male even just on that basis alone (and if ur really wantin' to check any closer to make sure, she gonna snap yer nose off if Momma don't for her, 'kay) if strangers don't get a good enough sniff of her, though her obnoxious pushiness and frequently obstreperous nature also don't help any.
Tends to mercilessly poke her siblings, when she's not shoving, gumming, or kicking them that is, or pulling her precious black tail free of their interfering teeth. ...She's pretty lazy about speaking up for others' benefit, and tends to slur and elide her words more like a much younger pup, less because she can't enunciate better and more because much of the time she doesn't see the point in spending the time and energy to do so. If others have issues understanding her, and aren't attentively hanging on to her every word, that's their problem, more often than not. She'll readily make herself clearer through physical pushes, shoves, and threats if need be.

...In all honesty, those who can't understand her aren't necessarily missing much: at least half her conversation tends to be braggadocio centering on herself, regardless. Talos is pretty convinced that she's much more interesting than at least half the other wolves she meets, anyhow! Why should they wish to talk about anything or anyone else with so spectacular a figure of a girl placed on an invisible pedestal before them? Talos is predisposed though to favor solid-furred wolves whose fur is a color similar to her own, when she actually bothers to think about wolves besides herself once in a while.

In addition to being naturally and artlessly self-centered, she is strong-willed, venturesome, often the first of her litter to try pulling shit, intensely curious, and really hates baths. She is a sturdy, capable youngster who is rightfully proud of her growing skills and strength (which she has been known to fib about and exaggerate as well), and her ego has grown even faster than the rest of her: she practically thinks she's an invincible superhero. Her personality has recently taken a darker and more sullen turn, however; she's still rather full of herself but more prone to angry or nastily sarcastic turns of mood that she will readily take out on others. Quarrelsome, blaming, and avoidant, easily driven to crankiness and growls. (...But on the flipside, she's also pretty easy to manipulate with flattery under most circumstances...)
Note: Following a heated disagreement between her parents Talos has only recently been spending much time in Swiftcurrent territory once more.

Once a bright, precociously adventurous and forward pup, the heating up of disagreements between and eventual departure of her parents, along with the disappearance of her brother Viinturuth, have been having a marked effect on young Talos and causing her to withdraw and become increasingly snappish.
Pack History
Born of Constantine x Durnehviir
Her littermates (in order of birth) are Viinturuth , Akavir , and Akatosh

Extended family to be added; these she is much less familiar with, however.
or so she likes to think. Just try challenging her for supremacy in the womb, though: I dare ya.

Began life 28 April, 2018 as Sigma Pup (Youthrank 4) of the recently-relocated Swiftcurrent Creek Pack. This shall not stand. XD CHAOS IS A LADDER, and I mean to CLIMB it!
Zeta => now an Iota.
Profile of Talos: Additional Information
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