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Full Name: Suibhne "Nanny Apple" Blackthorn
Subspecies: Northern Rocky Mountains Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 6 years old (June 20th, 2012)
Birthplace: Montana, USA
At A Glance
Inspirde by Nanny Ogg by Terry Pratchett.
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An older, sandy sable colored she-wolf with the "blachthorn" trademark stripe running along her back. Small, stocky built and unusually for wild wolves, she is on the slightly obese side of the spectrum. Dark brown, cheerful eyes.

Her rotund shape may be due to some hormonal imbalances, because she does not lose much weight, even when food is scarce.
A cheerful old lady, who is never in bad mood, who is always up for a meal (and a strong drink, were she a human), good with all people, best with children.
Born and raised in the Blackthorn clan, but like her littermates, left the pack early because of a particularly handsome and attractive man (she did, she has no idea, why the others left and does not care either). 4 mates (and some number of lovers) and 14 children later she feels that now is the time to dedicate for herself. Therefore she travels the world and visits her family members, who have spread far and wide.

In November she suffers from a stroke and much of her memories of the past become muddled. After being turned down by Redhawks, Apple is later found by her son Leonard and his mate Harriet and joined later by her other son Jason they leave Teekon Wilds together.
The whole Blackthorn clan, 4 mates, 14 children and countless of grand-children and grand-grand-children. The family is huge and will be revealed over time via IC posts.


1. Alistair - married very early and broke up with him few months later, when his love for fighting was greater than that for his neglected young wife.

2. Rob Blackpelt - met a few weeks after she had left Alastair. It was a love at first sight and despite their polar opposite personalities, they somehow mad things worked. With the birth of Apple's first litter they put a foundation to the Blackthorn clan that was to grow in strength and numbers in the coming years. Unfortunately, Rob was in advanced age, when they met, and passed away in his sleep two and a half years later.

4. Harold - last mate. Younger than her, tall, handsome and considerably larger than his wife. After a very difficult birth due to the size of the massive puppies, Apple decided that she was done with child-bearing and left the man and the pack on mutually good terms.

More to come...


1. Priscilla - beautiful airhead with 1.5 neurons in her head;
2. Darren - allergic to goldenrods;
3. Jolly - notorious pessimist and got on everyone's nerves;
4. Nelly - achieved great things in life;
5. Sunbeam - started off with a temporary name, because parents could not agree on a better one. The temporary eventually became the final choice.
6. Rudy - was almost carried away by a hawk, when he was a little baby.
7. Deanne - became an adventurer and explorer.
8. Leonard
9. Jason

More to come...
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