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Full Name: Kovertol Tiernan
Subspecies: Black Bear
Sex: Male
Age: 4 (24/02/2014)
Birthplace: On a mountain, somewhere
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Kovertol is a black bear, a hulking, blue-sheened furry mass with honed green eyes, the colour of polished jade. He has a perpetual frown; because of all those damned wolves. His sandy tan face is stark against the long tufts of his tangled hairs and his paws are as large as any other bears.
It will be a rare day indeed to catch this grump in a good mood. He always needs his personal space, and his beauty sleep!
He loves his food, as most bears do, and is opportunistic; so will try to take your kill away from you! As long as he's kept himself well fed or there's plenty of flora or fish about, you should be safe; for now at least.
He's a bear. Nothing exciting really, eat sleep frown and repeat.
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