Profile of Niebla: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Niebla Eruna ("Atolas")
Subspecies: Mixed Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 8 Months (23/04/2019)
Birthplace: Shadewood Keep
At A Glance
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Niebla is currently away. Reason: exams and personal life stuff
Away Since: March 07, 2020 — Returns on: Unknown

Profile of Niebla: Details
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“ With a goddess in my right eye ”

Nimble and tall, an underpelt of pure ivory but coated in a blanket of pale blue-grey that grows darker upon her back. Frost kisses her cheeks, freckles of blue match a body built of mist and fog - swift and shadowed, a mystery to all who set their eyes upon her. The very tips of Niebla’s ears are marked, along with the toes of her hinds paws; freckles drift up her ankles, as snow falling in reverse, and a flurry settles on her neck, just below her pale chin. Her face is long, but sleek, intriguing, and her nose is a wintry dark silver. Adorned with eyes of a pastel sky, the young girl is curious but somehow maintains a captivating charm, despite the cold demeanor she may appear to hold.


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Bathed in silence, she holds a commanding aura - one that speaks for itself, with no requirement of words from her tongue. Inside, she is not entirely a cold soul; a split, of warmth for the wonders of nature and hatred for the bitterness of others for all that they do, all that they destroy. Niebla is swathed in mystery, a cloak of fog that gathers and masks whatever secrets she holds within - few words spill from her lips, and many may mistake her quiet for ignorance, something that further enhances her dislike for communication among her kind, but she is enamoured by the way in which the world spins. The way creatures balance their survival on one another. Balance. Full of questions, ones she will never speak aloud - she maintains a collection of masks to use to her advantage for whenever she deems them necessary - secretive, always secretive.

The less others know, the less they can hurt you. Don’t let them inside.

Beast Whisperer

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Pack History

Parents: Raziel ("Cry") x Gwendolyn Eruna
Littermates: Hielo Eruna
Other Siblings: ---

Maternal Grandparents: Mohan Eruna x Jem Eruna
Aunts & Uncles: Julianna Eruna

Shadewood Keep: Baby Fang [youth]
Profile of Niebla: Additional Information
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