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Basic Info
Full Name: Salvatore
Subspecies: Mixed
Sex: Male
Age: 2 years (October 30, 2017)
Birthplace: Whalebone Loch
        Bloodlines: Kesuk-DeMonte (thru stitch)
At A Glance
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❝I M P E R I A L —❞

tall, and streamlined; a reaper given corporeal form, cloaked in agouti blacks, greys and whites. left eye is the color of burning coal while right eye, accented by heavy scarring is a milky, translucent white like a spectre's and just as tragically; unseeing. voice

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Quote:they say that the past shaped him; the tragic circumstances of his birth. his mother, stitch being forced into being a favored concubine of the ruthless usurper that slaughtered everyone of the loch who rebelled. despite his mother's attempts to hide the horrors of their conception from them, salvatore and frankie were not immune to the whispers of the others that they passed while tagging along on stitch's numerous adventures. warmonger's bastard; festered a deep seated rage. the fires of anger and hatred forged him into a notable fighter. no anti-hero is without his few and flimsy redeeming qualities for he is fiercely loyal and protective to those few he allows in close and that cares for him. for those he loves; he'll kill. darker still remains the truth that no matter how hard he tries to be something else the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and he is, unfortunately, in many ways like the man he solemnly hates.
whalebone loch — ( 10/20/2017 — 12/01/2019 )
whitebark stream — ( 01/23/2019 — present )
born a bastard son to conqueror, killgrave and his concubine, stitch ; has a single littermate in frankie and numerous other half siblings thru killgrave.
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