Profile of Yellowbelly: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: "Yellowbelly"
Subspecies: 50% Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf x 50% Russian Grey Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 4 (June 20, 2014)
Birthplace: Swiftcurrent Creek, Teekon Wilds.
At A Glance
The color of stone and ice, but with softer edges, donning a golden mask. Often scowling in confusion.
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Profile of Yellowbelly: Details
A gray-cast doppelganger of both his parents; he takes after Tuwawi in size and general build, resembling a streamlined summer-land wolf, but anyone who knew his mountain of a father would see Njal in his face. Larus has some old bite wounds on his rear legs which healed long ago, and nothing else appears amiss upon him. He is the smallest of the Sveijarn and has a streamlined build, although in the winter months his body bulks along his shoulders and belly in a manner that gives him a stout appearance.
Larus is experiencing a dissolving memory due to an ailment similar to early onset dementia. He is increasingly forgetful and doesn't often recognize people he has interacted with. At this point he does not remember being born in the Teekon Wilds, nor does he recall with any clarity his parents or his heritage as a Sveijarn.

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