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Basic Info
Full Name: Larus "Yellowbelly" Sveijarn
Birthname: Larus Sveijarn
Ankyran Name: Tryphon
Subspecies: Mixed
(50% Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf x 50% Russian Grey Wolf)
Sex: Male
Age: 4 (June 20, 2014)
Birthplace: Swiftcurrent Creek, Teekon Wilds.
At A Glance
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Profile of Larus: Details

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A gray-cast doppelganger of both his parents; he takes after Tuwawi in size and general build, resembling a streamlined summer-land wolf, but anyone who knew his mountain of a father would see Njal in his face. He is the smallest of the Sveijarn and has a streamlined build, although in the winter months his body bulks along his shoulders and belly in a manner that gives him a stout appearance.

Pack History
His biological parents are Tuwawi and Njal Sveijarn; first there was Maera, then his beloved brother Valtyr, and sister Jökull. He was abducted soon after the family settled Duskfire Glacier and was rescued by Caiaphas, who raised him like a son alongside Kevlyn. She taught him that his birth parents wanted him dead and that she was his rescuer; from that point on he considered the sea-witch his only family. Years later, he found a kindred spirit in Saghani, although he has no knowledge of the family he started with her. After his return to the Wilds he developed a loyalty-based attraction to Saena Redleaf which dissolved around the time the pack did. He does not have any family left — believing for a while that his witch mother had passed on prior to the dissolution of his own memory.
Larus was born in Swiftcurrent Creek but relocated to Duskfire Glacier once the family was able to travel. A few weeks after that he was abducted by a bobcat and rescued by Caiaphas of Ankyra Sound, who raised him. He was briefly a member of Jade Fern Grove at some point, and then met a woman named Saghani, who he followed out of the region. After his return he joined Duskvale, and when they disbanded he returned to Jade Fern Grove, but did not last long among them. He eventually joined Easthollow, then Moonspear, only to abandon them too when his memory began to fall apart. With only his name as a constant as well as a few flashes in his mind, he wanders to Swiftcurrent Creek where he's accepted by Constantine, but within the week his memory has dissolved completely. Yellowbelly then leaves the wilds for a time, and when he returns he's essentially lost his mind.
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