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Played By: Keg
Basic Info
Full Name: Sumi Izuka
Subspecies: 100% Arctic Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 0 (05-25-2020)
Birthplace: Whitefish River {Reneian Empire}
Profile of Sumi: Details

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— a girl with fur as pale as snow, and eyes as bright blue as the dawning sky.

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an adventurous young child, sumi has extremely selective hearing, never listening to any of her parents.

a fearless little sprite, sumi is known for venturing farther than she probably should, often endangering not only herself but any sibling she could rope into her plan.

despite her status at birth, sumi see’s everyone as her equal, not understanding the social hierarchy nor her place in the grand spectrum.
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as she ages, sumi will grow into a graceful warrior with a fierce disposition, going to any lengths to protect her family and her pack

a princess in her own right, sumi will finally understand the responsibility that rest on her shoulders, her carefree days eventually coming to an end

taking after her grandmother [still unknown], becoming an honourable samurai and a famous huntress

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health (50/100)

· voice & theme ·
voice — w i p
actor — w i p
voice — w i p
actor — w i p

after her grandparents murder, sumi’s mother, reiko izuka, was banished from her home by her twin sister. in the years that passed reiko was able to find in herself the strength to start again. rebuilding her birth right within the teekon wilds, reiko started her own empire crowning herself empress. sumi and her siblings came about shortly after the formation of their kingdom. while the good empress desired for nothing more than peace and tranquility in her land and for her citizens, the vale was a place filled with monsters and dark secrets. secrets that the young girl and her siblings would soon discover.

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R E N E I A N · E M P I R E
no threads outside north star vale

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blah blah blah

· family ·

parents: reiko izuka & takeshi *
*genetically yuudai hakuryū

· littermates: hotaru & haruki*
*half sibling

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· · princess · ·
birth {may 25, 2020} - present

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spree(s): closed
thread(s): open

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