Profile of Paladin: Quick Facts
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Played By: Not specified
Basic Info
Full Name: Paladin Dokuga
Formerly: Belly, Battle
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years (January 26, 2018)
Birthplace: Elsewhere
At a Glance
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Profile of Paladin: Details
Paladin is a tall, adamantine deerchaser -- as approximate to the great forces of nature as a corporeal wolf can be. Her large figure is streamlined, and thickly furred over well-anchored muscle, carried by a unflinchingly proud gait. The shield-maiden has a hypercritical stare of ultramarine blue, and a prominent scar on the left side of her face, just behind her eye. She is mostly a solar salt complexion; pigmented along the length of her spine by gossamer undertones ranging from platinum to dim grey, which fall darkest in saturation upon her tail. In the warmer months, a bone-yellow blanket of color becomes more visible across her back.
“From sunrise to the sundown no paragon had she.
All boundless as her beauty was, her strength was peerless too,
And evil plight hung o'er the knight who dared her love to woo.
And should he beat in every feat his wooing well has sped,
But he who fails must lose his love, and likewise lose his head.”

— Unknown
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Parents: Devil and Victory
Littermates: Edge, ???, ???, ???
Siblings: Law, Agent, Treason, Briar, and others...
Profile of Paladin: Additional Information
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