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Given to Adrastus by Kukutux on March 16, 2021
Ouroboros Spine · darkening scorn
Given to Raimo by Kukutux on March 16, 2021
Ouroboros Spine · salumaruk ⇑
Given to Maia by Eljay on March 16, 2021
Lake Rodney · Queen of knives.
Maia is such a sweetheart. <3 I think it's adorable how she sticks up for Eljay, knowing he won't do it himself, even though it isn't exactly in Maia's first instincts to seek conflict, either. Cute!
Given to Ruenna by Towhee on March 15, 2021
Redhawk Caldera · Fully symbolic creatures.
Given to Bronco by Towhee on March 14, 2021
A+ for conspiring to murder your other toon, lol.
Given to Eljay by Towhee on March 11, 2021
Given to Arcturus by Hydra on March 10, 2021
Nocturne Summit · ikuallaaktuk ⩛
Given to Eljay by Erzulie on March 10, 2021
Given to Eljay by Wraen on March 10, 2021
This - "He felt used. Convenient to have around, so long as he didn't want anything. Disregarded, because he'd never asked for anything, so that just mean he didn't want anything." - is the strongest I have ever seen Eljay feeling. Great character arc! :)
Given to Charles by Towhee on March 10, 2021
"He was a man, and he'd prove that he could fuck like one." Need I say more? I think not.
Given to Eljay by Bridget on March 10, 2021
Redhawk Caldera · Fire away, fire away.
"He couldn't help but think that's easy to say when it isn't your feelings or your children." <3 This entire situation highlights what I love about collab writing so well, and this sentence in particular. Eljay is SUCH AN AMAZING CHARACTER
Given to Eljay by Towhee on March 10, 2021
I concur, this was a lovely thread! Thank YOU! <3
Given to Towhee by Eljay on March 09, 2021
Awwww at Towhee having a vulnerable moment and giving into it and being fragile for just a moment. <3 I love these two and their complex relationship. <3
Given to Antares by Bronco on March 08, 2021
I'm super taken by the idea of Antares physically keeping another wolf between him and Moonspear, and the idea of it staring him down. UGH. Beautiful. Those are deep character feelings- I love it.
Given to Stag by Haunt on March 08, 2021
"Was Wylla’s uterus a clown car then?" What an A+ sentence.
Given to Wraen by Sialuk on March 08, 2021
Redhawk Caldera · Azurite
That comment about being a mother to Reyes, too. LOL.
Given to Mahler by Wylla on March 07, 2021
Given to Wraen by Mahler on March 07, 2021
Redhawk Caldera · Azurite
"more buttholes than the one God had given them at birth." AMAZING LOL <3
Given to Wraen by Eljay on March 06, 2021
Broken Antler Fen · I wrote you a letter
The bit about how to deal with Eljay passed down generations is hilarious - but in general I love Wraen in this thread, where she genuinely listens and tries to figure what's best for everyone involved. <3
Given to Kukutux by Towhee on March 03, 2021
Ouroboros Spine · ugguanik ⏞⏟
This is such a beautiful idea, with lovely execution.