Stone Circle Across the stars
All Welcome  December 28, 2017, 12:44 PM
anyone can join this but @Mawk ? Break the news about Rowana and Burr to her?

She had been welcomed back home thankfully and the reunion with Mawk went better than she ever imagined. Her tail and ear had been attended to again because it had begun to bleed once more since the woman in the flatlands had taken care of her.  She hadn't had time to check in with her remaining two children that she assumed were still around Easthollow safe and sound, so with that she sent up a call for Mawk. She wasn't as weak as she had been,she had eaten and rested almost the whole period of time since her return and she pushed herself to her paws and slowly walked out of her den.

Her nose twitched as she breathed in the scents of her children,only now realizing that all of them were faint. That was a red flag to her and her fur bristled. If Rowana and Burr had been in Easthollow during her absence, their scents would be strong within this den. She began to pace back and forth her golden eyes widened with a manic look of panic in them.