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Basic Info
Full Name: Mawk Saefyn
Subspecies: Wolfdog (75% Wolf, 25% Mixed Dog)
Sex: Male
Age: 4 Years - DEAD (24/12/2013)
Birthplace: Northern Europe
At A Glance
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Profile of Mawk: Details

β€œ My blood and sweat speak the truth ”

The wolfdog has a generally scruffy appearance, but a well-build body and tall figure. His coat is a simple golden-cream colour, with black tips on his paws, tail, and ears. He could easily be mistaken for a pure wolf if not for the large curled malamute-style tail that rests over his hindquarters and gives away the dog in his blood. Mawk's eyes are a fiery amber, burning like flames.


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Once upon a time Mawk was a strange beast. Due to his mixed lineage he often struggled with tangled instincts that conflicted with each other, and the result was an aggressive young man who was never a pleasure to be around. However,
after meeting Illecebra, he began to find who he truly was. She has helped him to settle his two-sided personality, and now he is very different to who he used to be.

Now he is bold, caring, protective and loyal. Mawk is not perfect, and it is doubtful he ever will be, but he is far more wolf than dog. It is true that occasionally his conflicted personality from the past still gets to him, but not majorly. His only issues are the habits of overworking himself, and sometimes he becomes a little too over-protective of those he loves.

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Pack History
Mother: Unknown wolfdog
Father: Unknown wolf
Littermates: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

Mate: None
Previous Mate/s: Illecebra Blanditia Saefyn
Offspring: Cyron Saefyn, Rowana Saefyn, Burr Saefyn [With Illecebra]
Littermates: Onyx Saefyn

Deceased - Missing

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Lone Wolf
Silver Creek - Eta, Zeta (Up), Epsilon (Up)
Ganador Bypass - Inferior, Medio (Up)
Lone Wolf
Easthollow - Iota, Zeta (up), Epsilon (Up), Delta (Up), Gamma (up)
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