Swiftcurrent Creek fire fades away
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Hopefully using for a trade, but I dunno which one! Mercenary, Hunter, or Healer stuff.
Swiftcurrent Creek Wump List: "Has a delusion (or delusions)."

The river wound its way through dense clusters of trees, rocky outcroppings, and the ocassional ridge; none of which was familiar to him aside from being wilderness, and that would always feel the most comfortable to him. Larus wanted to hurry up and remember but he had a feeling that would never happen; and instead of feeling depressed by this, he was actually kind of.. Excited.

Whatever he'd forgotten couldn't have been very important. He could start over here. Constantine had allowed as much, and Larus was grateful for it.

Still, he couldn't help feeling a sense of deja-vu as he wandered through certain sections of forest. Particular trails made him slow down or look skyward, as if a trick of the light was all it would take to remind him of... Something. During one such moment, as he slowed through a small clearing in the trees, he thought for a split second that the trees were made of stone. The light shifted, and as he squint and ducked away from the glare, a second glance told him he was imagining things.

He held on to the glimpse of stone spires as long as he could, but soon forgot all about the mirage as he continued his wandering. Oddly, another thought came in with startling clarity: The image of a face, and then as he took a stride and staggered, he gasped, Kaskara— but even as the name burst from his lips in a surprised whisper, that image evaporated too, and he was left to feel quite perplexed.