Totoka River mistletoe
All Welcome  December 08, 2018, 09:24 AM
Lone Wolves

Soft droplets of water trickled from her chest, cascading to the ground in silence; she'd gone for a careless meander, tail swaying smoothly at her hind. Vyn did not plan to be too far from Valkyr for a prolonged period of time, though her paws drifted across the land with a gentle sway of her hips - that's right, she was a damn queen. It was the river that had paused her miniscule trek, body slinking to a halt before she sauntered down to the water's edge, leathery nose flaring - then she stepped into the polar ripples, svelte figure sliding into the clear liquid with untold grace.

She had not lingered within those depths despite the relief they brought. The momentary solitude had provided her with an escape in which to cleanse her body but now she simply felt exposed, the cold wind brushing against her stomach and over her back, an unwanted embrace of chilled air. Perhaps she had underestimated the winter's clutch on the shore.

Regardless of her trembling, the doe strutted from the river's edge and set out to explore what remained untouched by her coruscating gaze.

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December 08, 2018, 01:19 PM
Svalinn strolled irritably along the bleak riverside, somehow feeling both restless and exhausted as he experienced what seemed to be a perpetual barrage of growth spurts, driving the boy mad. He had urged @Raleska as far as she would go before stubbornly pressing on without her, intent on wearing himself down until he was too numb to feel his full-grown spine unfurling and his leg-bones sprouting like beanstalks. He thought he might grow right out of his skin.

And it was in this rather unreasonable state of mind that he spotted the tall, swaying figure ahead. At first he was being clever— observing her from afar, remaining half hidden by leafless bush-life until he could be sure it was safe enough to proceed— but after a while his spying seemed to go beyond simple intelligence gathering.

He simply couldn't look away from her. Watching her shake... and shiver... and strut down the bank with her chin lifted defiantly to the cold and her pelt still dripping in places. Svalinn broke cover to approach her, his trot fast and a little desperate, before coming to stand within speaking distance, but no closer. "H-hey!" he barked, breathless and a little unsure. "You live around here?" The golden boy equivalent of "Do you come here often?"
December 08, 2018, 02:05 PM
Lone Wolves

She did not care to watch her surroundings for the presence of a stranger - how honoured the doe would be, she thought, to have an audience! She would certainly not be opposed to the lingering eyes of another, and with a drizzle of nonchalant pride she wondered dismally why she had not already attracted a gathering... perhaps these shores were more lifeless than she had anticipated.

But then she was wrong! Eyes of a sallow lemon traced his youthful features, paws continuing their idle dance across the land's surface; only when his breathless voice reached her ears (which tipped forward upon her crown) did her lithe body slow, mouth quirking at the corners in a glittering smile. Vyn was mildly discouraged by his age - he was much younger than herself, but he had reached out in greeting, so it would be only fair to return it. "Hey there," A smooth, welcoming voice slipped from betwixt her lips, tail swaying at her hind. Her fur, a silky rose-brown, was still damp to the touch but with the polar wind to brush against her nape she knew it would not be long before the water had drained from her pelt.  "Can't say I do darlin', but I'm hanging around for a while. I assume you do?"

His own coat was intruiging - champagne and pale gold, with chestnut eyes that sparkled in the afternoon's light. Was he a resident of the coast's few troupes?

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