Barrow Fields the hawk is God’s gunslinger
All Welcome  December 17, 2018, 02:31 PM

snow fluttered down from overhead, dappling the wildling's coat in a thin layer of white. he prowled outward and away from the sound in hopes that he might find a scent of the missing rosalyn; the news that she had been taken from them caused a deep stirring in his gut. the feeling of eyes on his back did not leave as he sauntered through the fields. the young savage did what he could to ignore the lingering feeling. his long legs allowed him to cover a great deal of distance in a short time, and when he paused to check his surroundings, he breathed heavily into the chilly winter air.

swinging his head to check back over his shoulder, illidan caught his wind and searched the length of the territory until he had frustrated himself with how limited his sights were. instinctively, he turned to peer at the looming cliffs that housed the drageda wolves. if he'd more power in his limbs, he would have climbed to their peaks and murdered every one of them to retrieve the soul they had stolen. instead, he gritted his teeth and turned; he would need to bide his time.