Cerulean Cape drove me like a magnet to the sea
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Lucia De Las Arenas
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lucia was sure that she had only survived the brunt of the winter through pure luck.

something, someone had to be smiling down upon her. in the warmest part of the day, the rawboned hybrid uneasily pulled herself from the den she'd secluded herself into. a violent shake was given to knock all the debris that clung to her fur away, and then she would dip down into a deep stretch. a small grunt came from her, and she would straighten herself back up. lucia's dry tongue pressed against the roof of her mouth and she'd produce a smack before attempting to clear her parched throat.

"saint? saint? dónde estás?" for a moment panic set in as she though that her only companion had finally left her. large ears pulled back and she sucked in a breath. she released it however when a caw rang out, and the familiar feeling of talons graced her pronounced spine. "oh, you scared me, pájaro." she giggled and then continued, "i'm so thirsty. we need to search for water." she announced as though the bird understood what she was saying- which some words he seemed to. she turned her raised head in the direction perched on her back as though she could see him, "water? agua?"

with that the ebony bird took off with a loud squawk, which the witch took to mean that he knew where some was. she'd follow after him slowly, and carefully. she didn't know this terrain. every now and then, she would trip herself up on a rock or a root. saint seemed to be patient enough, and would try to warn her before she ran into anything big. after a while of walking, the air began to taste different. there was a salt in the wind.

her brows furrowed curiously. this wasn't something she had ever experienced before. lucia followed on because she trusted her companion, but she was growing skeptical. the ground turned to uneven rock and then to coarse sand. something that reminded her of where she was born, except it wasn't so cold. the sound of the whispering surf intrigued her and she'd continue forward until waves splashed upon her front paws.

"you found it!" she called excitedly, but then the water pulled back and away from her. "huh?" she questioned, taking another hestitant step forward and allowing her paw to sink into the wet sand. when the freezing water returned to her she jumped backwards, and a squeak came from her bird.  she snorted and pushed forwards until the water covered her paws. there was something soothing about it, but she didn't ponder it much. she finally allowed her head to crane downards towards the water when she noticed that not only did it feel different, it smelled different too. there was something off about it that she didn't quite understand yet.

thirst took over though, and she'd relent and sink her tongue into the water. the sharp burn of salt caused it to retreat back into her mouth and her muzzle to curl. she'd gag to the soundtrack of saint's deep chattering. it was reminiscent of laughter, and a noise that she had heard far too often. ravens were known for their mischevious nature.

"what is this?!" she cried out as soon as she settled. "oh, you terrible bird! you have brought me to tainted water!" she scolded, though didn't turn her head in his direction. mostly because she didn't know where his direction was. "¡debería estrangularlo!" she huffed and pushed her lip out into a pout.
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He ranged far from Drageda that day, walking for hours along the edge of the forests that crowded the coast until the only way left to go was down into the sand. He was well past the beaches near his home when he heard the commotion ahead. His ears perked up only a little; he wasn't sure he was up for company. These days he preferred to mull over his thoughts alone, sometimes going so far as to avoid company altogether. Tux he permitted to come near, but others he skirted away from, as if afraid they might find him unworthy for some reason. If he hadn't shown any signs of his paternal lineage's sullen solitary inclination before, he was the picture of it now.

But though he avoided them, he also missed them. Dragedakru was his family now and he wished he could confide all his uncertainty in them and trust that they wouldn't find him weak. And all this without even knowing that it was his blood family they fought against; it was merely the guilt of taking another's life, even if he hadn't delivered the decisive blow, that sent him so low.

On the beach ahead, recoiling from the water, was a rose-tawny creature slight and long-eared as himself. As he plodded ahead, Ephraim kept his eyes on her for a time, tracing the puckered scars that broke the fur on her shoulders and haunches. From here she seemed to have jet black eyes. Little did he know she had none at all. She seemed to be yelling at the sky and retreating from the surf in a manner that seemed as sullen as his mood, and though he couldn't muster a smile, he was amused all the same. She seemed capable in spite of seeming strange, if scars could be used to measure a wolf's capability, so although he didn't want company, he didn't stop himself from calling out, you okay?
January 17, 2019, 11:08 AM
Lucia De Las Arenas
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she had caught ephraim's scent on the brackish breeze long before he'd spoken. she was wary of his approach, but that didn't stop her heart from beating with excitement. lucia was a lonely creature, and any contact she was given with another of her kind was a blessing. it was no doubt that she'd scented the pack and lone wolves in the area as she prodded around, but had been apprehensive of introducing herself. with her condition, who's to say they wouldn't take it upon themselves to put her down? in a fight, she was nothing.

she'd pause her scolding of the croaking raven when the younger male finally spoke. her head swiveled in his direction and lowered her head, but didn't quite meet him. she'd be looking beside him instead of directly at him. the edges of her lips curved into a warm, excited smile. "yes! ! yes! i'm very good. i just asked this naughty bird to help me find water and he brought me here. to.. to whatever this is. it's undrinkable. it must be cursed." her smile would falted a bit as she realized though her mouth was wet now, she was still thirsty.

the bony bruja cleared her throat, "i'm not from around here." she said this as though she didn't look completely out of place in this brand new world. "do you know what happened? how this maldición- this curse, befell this lake?" lucia had of course heard of oceans in her time. stories told around meals of a great waters that had absorbed the salt of the earth, but it had been so long ago that she had forgotten. the most logical thing to her at the moment was that some malicious witch had cursed it for some reason or another.

suddenly she looked shocked, "oh! my manners- they are not so good. i'm so sorry! my name is lucia. it's a pleasure to meet you, señor."
January 20, 2019, 03:15 PM
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It wasn't right to take advantage of another creature's naivety. Even as Ephraim told himself this, he knew he was about to do it; she'd just made it so easy to spin a yarn with her questions. Clearly she didn't know what the ocean was, and neither really did he, but he'd lived beside it his entire life minus that little stint into the mainland that ended with a storm, so he understood that it was just like that. It was just salty because it was and that was all there was to it.

But his lips parted not to tell her where to find fresh water, but to affirm, it is cursed. His pale eyes watched the crow as he closed the distance between him, but when he went to meet her gaze, he found there was no gaze there to meet. He wanted immediately to ask what the hell had happened to her eyes, but that would break the spell he was trying to cast, wouldn't it? So he stayed mum, though the curiosity leaped and burned in his chest and he was dying to let it out.

Licking his lips pensively, the boy said, there lives on the cliffs a great pack. Strong and stable. They preside over this... lake. Yes. Lake. That was what this was. The salt comes from the blood and the tears of every enemy who has attempted to come up against them. All have failed. How much blood would it take to make a lake taste salty? Nevermind. It didn't matter. To their friends they offer protection, he said slyly, and clean drinking water, of course. Or Lucia could delve a little inland and find one of many streams and realize that Ephraim was completely bullshitting her, but hey, it was worth a shot, right?

And now, with that out of the way, the young masked coywolf tilted his head slightly and asked, who took your eyes? It seemed a more impressive, grown up and educated question than "oh my god where are your eyeballs" did, he thought.