Phantom Hollow Dreams of red and silver
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@Revan @Zan @Venamis puppies opening their eyes! Hello world!

Peaceful is the word she would use to describe their existence. At least, if she knew the word and wasn't allowed to ever grow up. Eating when hungry, sleeping when tired, crying when disturbed. What more was out there for the Melonii children - the sparks of hope for the new generation? Lumi didn't want much more, and yet life would answer her many questions.

She woke up and noticed something different - something that hadn't been there before. Smudges of black and brown, slight dots of white and the source of light coming through the opening of their den. Of course, she didn't know what it all was. She sniffled the air, pawed at the strange visions in the air. Everything else seemed normal though. Bright blue eyes stared for the longest time at all that was around her, not crying nor moving in fear of what it was.

April 17, 2019, 10:22 AM
Lone Wolves

Perhaps Revan would be the last one to wake one day and realize that the world was way more than bumps, milk and crying. He was blind for days after Venamis took his first glance at the world, and was still blind when Lumiya took her turn. But these things did not bother him, for he didn't know they were a thing. He had indeed noticed one of the other bumps (Venamis) become way more active, and he had wanted to catch up to him, it seemed fun, but mostly he ended up crashing against something and being left behind.

Except he had already opened his eyes.

Revan hadn't noticed it, but his baby blue eyes, as soggy and clouded as they were, had been open for hours, and you would think that it would come as a shock that there were lights out there to explore but Revan simply hadn't seen it. He woke from a nap and dragged himself to mommy for a drink, but bumped against Lumiya who was standing there like a rock. He nosed her, and whimpered to see if she reacted, but otherwise he would move on and find a teat to doze off on.
April 17, 2019, 03:42 PM
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Venamis adjusted well to his new sight, and he was quick assume his normal routine of nursing and sleeping. It did not cross his infant mind that he might be entirely alone in experiencing those first few days of bleary vision. By the time his siblings found their eyes, his had developed considerably.

Although a certain blurriness remained as he was far from mastering focus, the Melonii babe could better make out the shapes of his family around him. The providers were large and raven-furred, and most of the small bodies he shared his space with were also dark. One was significantly lighter than the others, but he knew she'd always been around and therefore the shade of her coat didn't matter to him.

Having woke to drink more than his fill of breakfast, Venamis lay at his mother's flank like a fat slug. He quietly watched two of his siblings interact nearby, an innocent curiosity keeping him from drifting into another snooze before the time came to feed again.

April 21, 2019, 02:45 PM
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Her own slumber was disturbed but what she saw was waking up for. With a soft gasp did she inspect her children, their little blue eyes and how they reacted to such a discovery. @Damien! Damien come quick! She called out, perhaps a little more panicked due to the excitement than she had intended. But who could blame the new mother? Literally any sign of her children growing up would make sure to get her ecstatic and she simply had to share it.
April 21, 2019, 07:26 PM
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Like a statue Damien had kept to the entrance of Nyx's den to guard it, only ever leaving to find her food or to relieve her of her duty when she needed to stretch her legs or drink some water. And for the most part their routine was rather dull and simple, but it was the bright moments that made it all worth it and enjoyable.

One day she called to him in panic, shouting out his name as though something tragic had just happened. Damien spun around his own body to enter right into the little crevice that acted as her den and worried ran his nose over each body to make sure nothing was missing. What?? What is it?? he asked anxiously, unable to find whatever was wrong with her or his children.
April 26, 2019, 12:44 PM
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She was grinning but dimmed it down a bit when she saw how worried she had made her poor lover. She pointed at the little ones' with her snout. Look... She almost whispered. Their eyes are opening - I wanted them to see you for the first time too. Her grin turned into a warm smile, placing a soft kiss on his cheek if he wasn't freaking out too much.
April 26, 2019, 11:13 PM
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Nothing was missing inside the den, and when Damien looked up to search his lover's face he found a warm smile beaming back at him. He followed her snout to realize that he had been too worried looking for signs of danger that he hadn't noticed his little children's eyes exploring their surroundings for the very first time, and although outside it didn't really show many signs of joy, Damien had never been so proud of something in his life and he looked at their little faces as though there was nothing else in the world. He truly did not need much else in his life. I am so proud of you, my love he said softly after his lover kissed him. He truly was.
May 07, 2019, 05:26 PM
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She looked at their little gathering, her three dark babies, one light spiderling and their big strong papa. She didn't care they were at Phantom Hollow - she wouldn't have cared even if they were somewhere in a dirty swamp. Right at that moment this was all she needed, all she really cared about. Proud of us - We are a family now. She corrected softly with a tired smile. She wondered who her children would become, their voices, their dreams... Sure, they had already met them, but she couldn't wait to see them grow up.
May 09, 2019, 09:23 AM
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Yes, proud of us, he agreed pressing closer against the matriarch's embrace. He could stay forever like this, enchanted by his lover and children's glow and he would do it if things didn't pull him in so many different directions. he had vowed to stay forever by Nyx's side, and he would honor his word, but everything else demanded his attention too, and in order to be able to stay submerged in their shared dream he had to work to make things right. Perhaps going for Blackfeather Woods at the time he did had been a mistake, but he had no regrets about the ordeal. He had found out that the forest still held meaning for him and that he needed to bring his family back to their homeland sooner or later, and for now he believed they could wait.

should we fade here?
May 13, 2019, 08:35 PM
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Somehow, in a matter of hours, Zannah had grown used her ability of sight. The light no longer made her eyes tender, and she explored the ever-clearing haze; the world was much grander than she had ever anticipated.

She had been nursing when Damien rushed into the den, and she turned from her meal as she scented her father through the overbearing smell of milk. Turning around and tipping her head back, she looked at him with bright, baby-blue eyes. "Ooo!" she chirped, obviously interested in the intimidating phatom—whose scent was calming and familiar.
May 14, 2019, 03:08 AM
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She was so in the moment it almost felt like her heart was melting. The Gods had answered her request, and she would not let them down. She would make sure her children would never doubt them, make sure they would not stray from their destiny as the new generation of Meloniis. When she heard one of their little girls call she made sure to check on her, but ultimately found nothing amiss.