Lost Creek Hollow we were born in the valley
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SETTING: Late morning, 35˚, foggy, windy (high wind warning)
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NOTES: For anyone who is confused, reference here

He had made it. After mindlessly traveling east with his sights set on the horizon, he arrived. Lost Creek Hollow. Ibis had directed him here, with the intention to converse with her father, Terance, through him and perhaps forge an alliance. If he was lucky, he wouldn't offend anyone while exercising his tongue. He was till pondering the huge outcrp of rock that jutted out the earth the the claws of a bear. There seemed to be river that crossed throught the grove and into what looked like — a bypass. The boy had never left the valley, so perhaps traveling beyond the bypass would make a great venture...

The boy trotted gracefully through the seemingly endless apatches of beargrass. His licked hs lips in anticipation. He was nearing the border. He slightly chuffed in exasperation. The journey had been somewhat short, but long He was eager to return to Ibis' side. He wondered wht his friends were doing. Moving to the wood as he thought? Perhaps having more important meetings without him? No. he would have to go back soon. Perhaps to even see...them again.  He sat a few lengths away from the border, rasing a piercing howl into the air.

'Dear leaders and members of Lost Creek Hollow, I have a message from Ibis — the current alpha's daughter. I have important news.'

Awol did not honestly wish for any pack members to answer him, he was not intrested in other wolves. his experiences had made him bitter as dwelled on them more and more. Yet he was thankful he was still ignorant towards meeting Ibis, if he was "smarter" about it, he may have never pleadged to her or met them. Yes, he refused to even think the name. After lowering his head, he sighed and slunk behind the cover of a few shrubs and grass, layign down while he waited for someone to arrive. he would not close his eyes, though. The nightmares that plauged were long from over and done, his body was racked with bumps and scratches from fussing in his sleep.

To. Afraid. To. Sleep.
November 19, 2019, 11:52 AM
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terance didn't expect to hear a call at the borders. it'd be quiet, lately, ever since his run in with jackalope. his ears flicked, noting the comment and feeling quite shocked. maybe a little blindsided... but, what could he expect? ibis was his daughter, after all. she just didn't strike him as the... leadership type. but he'd never admit that out loud.

the stone made his way to the borders, interested to see who had been sent to his borders -- why his daughter hadn't come to visit him herself. oh well, he wouldn't make a fuss of it.

the stranger stood across from him as terance came through the trees, pausing before him. his stature was tall, firm as ever, his nose twitching. sure enough, he could find ibis among the scents mixed on this mans pelt -- he relaxed a bit. terance, he greeted bluntly, welcome to the hollow. he lips curved gently into a smile, ears cupping forward. what news does ibis have for me? he asks.
November 19, 2019, 06:33 PM
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Awol's eyes opened and then viewed the male wolf that stood before him. Terance, leader of Lost Creek Hollow — and Ibis' father. Awol's eyes formed into agressive slits. Why did Ibis chose to leave her family if it wasn't for a good reason? She didn't seem the type to do so, she craved friendship more then himself. The young man flicked his ear, dismissing the thought.

He listened the man's intrduction, and began to share his news. "Ibis wanted to me to tell you that she is in the process of building a new pack. I don't know why she wanted to tell you, but she sent me to do so," he politely stated. It wasn't a lie. Ibis hadn't given an exact reason to tell her father rather than start an alliance. Was her gal to boast? Show she was independent and able? He had no actual clue, and did not care to find out. He had overstepped his boundaries in their last conversation, even if the woman would not say it aloud. 

"I do know, however, he has the prospects of starting an alliance with Lost Creek Hollow. I assume it won't be made offical until he pack is offically formed, but that's my message."

Awol impaitently waited for Terance to reply. As much as the journey was new and exciting, he realized that the exchange would be rather boring and short. Awol wanted to perhaps visit Easthollow, and go above Ibis' expectations and form an unoffical alliance with them as well. He would like to shove right in the gray wolf's face, he had made it without his help.
November 21, 2019, 09:56 PM
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terance's ear flicked at the comment, still feeling a little shocked to hear that his impression that ibis was starting a pack was... true. he wondered how arbiter would respond to that. because she's my daughter, probably, terance said with a small smile, wondering why the hell this guy seemed so confused about it. despite the shock, and the bit of doubt that he couldn't help but feel in the pit of his stomach, terance felt a warm bit of pride creep into his cheeks. he hoped that ibis would find success in the beginnings of a pack for her own. sure, he wished she'd have stayed here, but terance didn't feel much jealousy over it. she was growing up and moving on. and besides, he knew he'd never be her favorite anyway.

to the second comment, the stone nodded. of course, he said, not even having to think about it.
November 22, 2019, 07:04 AM
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Last post for Awol. ^^

"Well then, that is agreed on then. I'll tell her as soon as possible," the young man nodded and without a second glance, he turned away from the alpha. He wasn't in the mood for goodbyes and even a slight dimisssive thanks. He paws trod on in the direction of Easthollow now. Surely, Ibis would want an alliance with them as well if possible. 

He checked his posture once more as he trekked on, leaving the canopy of leaves and carpet of shrubs and vegetation behind him. It was about time he'd moved on from his small quest and had a bit of an adventure.