Haunted Wood damn your love, damn your lies
All Welcome  December 03, 2019, 04:38 PM
she had been searching after @Vanity, the one of the few wolves she knew very little about. her recently one position had both driven and forced her to be on top of her game. shaking up the power balance after it remaining stagnant for months meant keeping her guard up, even if her only possible competition might be Valour.

in any case, after following the woman's most recent, meandering trail and discovering it to be old after all, she paused at the sight of a snowbank. nearing, she settled on her haunches and pressed the mangled half of her face to the frigid white, gaze narrowing somewhat in relief as the throbbing pain began to numb.
December 04, 2019, 03:17 PM
She'd finished a patrol on the bitter borders of the Woods, wondering if there was even a point to hunt. Probably, but most caches were pretty full if you knew where to look. And she didn't need to preen them because vengeance took it upon himself to eat the most rancid things. It did absolutely nothing for his breath and she didn't know how Serem could stand such a stench -- and this was by wolf standards!

But there on a snow mound with her faced shoved on it, was Hela.
She wondered what she was doing, for she didn't associate herself with Whelp politics. That was for Vengeance to manage since he brought them here.
"Missed a mouse?" She teased, standing a few feet away. Usually diving into snow wasn't very easy, especially if you didn't have the weight.

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