Neverwinter Forest so i figured this time i might as well let him be
Private  February 14, 2020, 02:55 PM
forward dated to the 17th! tag is for reference
@Zephyr & @Kratos

When @Mal and Phillip returned to the forest, he wanted to squeeze in a corner and sleep the days away. When he walked by his usual resting spot at the border, he was tempted to collapse right at the spot. Despite this, he kept going further into the woods, further than he'd ever gone before. Phillip wanted comfort and there was only one wolf he could get it from.

Zephyr? he called, following his scent through the trees. He'd been avoiding him just so he wouldn't have to deal with any of those weird feelings. Phillip didn't care about that anymore (that's what he tried to convince himself of at least). He'd push those feelings aside just to be with his friend again.
February 25, 2020, 12:34 AM
Hyper aware of all that comes and goes, Kratos is jolted awake—the sound of someone approaching gets him on guard immediately. A low growl begins to rumble in his throat; a clear warning, and though he loathes to move at the moment, he is all too protective of the silver coywolf who lays at his side.
        Tail swishing, he is about to get to his feet when he hears a familiar voice, calling out for Zephyr. He relaxes, settling tense and ruffled fur. Zephyr’s shadow is more welcome than any others. Kratos dare think it even nice to see him in this mess of unfamiliarity and annoying forest gremlins.
        Ghost, he nudges him, careful to avoid jostling Zephyr’s injured leg. Lifting his head, he calls out towards Phillip with a simple here in hopes that would do the job and flops his head back down across Zephyr’s scruff.