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All Welcome  March 26, 2020, 03:17 PM
Two days have passed since his encounter with Monty!

After weaving what he thought would be an impossible trail for the cannibal to follow, Rosencrantz had finally found his way back to Rusalka. This time it was not being lost that had caused a delay in his return, but instead, a slow journey back in order to keep them all safe from the being that took half his face just a couple days ago. Weaving confusing trails and through the water to wash his scent as much as possible - he was hoping to never see that man again, and if he did, he would be more prepared for him now than he was in the dark woods. 

The wounds by now were scabbed over, dry and crusty. Only his chin still a little moist from saliva as it kept seeping from between his teeth, having no lips on the one side to keep it under control. The pain in his ear was barely there, perhaps it was because half of it was gone too, but the sting in his face still lingered as the wounds struggled to heal. 

Passing the borders his pace slowed, he was home now, safer than he was out there - but should he seek anyone out in his condition? Even after the conversation with Connor, the paladin was still hesitant in letting anyone see the damage that transpired. With thoughts clouding his brain, Rosencrantz's pace slowed until he finally stood firm in place. He knew he couldn't keep his face hidden for long. It was only a matter of time before someone came to investigate his return.

But were they ready? Was he?