Profile of Bijou: Quick Facts
Mutton / Maybe(Gina Gift) / King / Lauren /
Played By: Not specified
Basic Info
Full Name: Bijou 'Antha' Cairn-Mayfair
Subspecies: Wolf: Mixed
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (10/2/19)
Birthplace: Warsaw Island
At a Glance
[Image: nOqfLi9.png]By Maybe, Commissioned by Gina <3
Profile of Bijou: Details
[Image: image0.png]

Rangy and rectangular with long legs and a seafarer's build. Bijou demonstrates little dimorphism separating her from her male counterparts; she is tall with an assured stride, exuding arrogance she comes by honestly. Demonstrably rough around the edges in every visual aspect, Bijou's pelt is stormy grey with trench-black spectacles framing a pair of sparkling jade eyes. Bijou is the owner of an unsettling, lopsided grin -- one worn constantly which disguises the veiled disdain in which she largely views the world.
Bijou appears to have more years to her eyes than under her paws. She is intelligent and ambitious, with a sharp tongue and disturbing sense of humor. Whenever she speaks it is with deliberation - one can surmise she chooses her words carefully, even if they are crass or insensitive. Bijou holds high disdain for men, favoring women in nearly every capacity. ( reference by king )
Parents: Skellige & Deidra
Siblings: Don't ask, there's too many and Bijou only likes maybe one of them.
Profile of Bijou: Additional Information
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Bijou's totem is the leopard seal. In addition to noticing her crooked smile, players are welcome to reference seagulls often accompany Bijou because she will feed them carrion. Click here for Bijou's dicerolls.
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g u n n e r ' s     d a u g h t e r
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