Profile of Vespera: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Vespera
Subspecies: Tundra Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: (October 9th 2017)
Birthplace: Outside of Teekon wilds
At A Glance
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Profile of Vespera: Details
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Due to her being a Tundra Wolf, her fur is more dense, long, and fluffy, and soft, making it a perfect shield against the winter storms.
As for her body structure, she has an ectomorph body structure, she has a lean built but still has some muscle. Her paws are somewhat large and her claws help give her more traction when in a sprint. Her face is a little more narrow due to her body type, and she has small shoulders.
Her fur color is mostly jet black except from under the chin to the bottom of the chest consists of snow-white fur.
She is still very young and has yet to reach her full size
Her eye color is a violet purple.
Her nose is black.
Size: To the Shoulder
26.4in | 67.056cm

100lbs | 45.3592kg

Health (1/100)
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Vespera struggles with her beliefs and morals at times. However, when she does have a strong belief about something, she will stick to it and defend it to the best of her abilities. When she was a pup, her parents were killed for their fur because of its high value to humans. She ends up having to grow up by herself. Every day is a fight for survival, so she learns it’s kill or be killed, and usually resorts to aggression and violence in a situation. Because of this, she has learned to fight, and she has become very good at it. But, on the inside, she is just a scared little child who is trying to act tough. But she secretly craves to find security, to find a family, or a mother and father figure which is something she needs again. Because of this mentality, she usually responds with snark and sarcasm. She also has a rebellious nature and acts childish (Basically a moody Teenager).

·Strong fighter
·Can be kind

·Childish at times
·Moody teenager
·Not physically bulky
·Struggles with morals and beliefs
·Can be a rebel

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Vespera is a Tundra wolf, a subspecies of the Grey wolf. She was born outside of Teekon wilds and was the child of two lone-wolf/rouge parents, who had been rejected by their two packs because of their forbidden love. She was born in a small cave with loving parents, they did all they could to raise their pups. They had 5 pups including her, three males and one other female. Her parents were hoping to start a pack, but their dreams were taken away by poachers who were seeking their pelts because Tundra Wolves are known for the value of their pelts. So right before her eyes, her parents were slaughtered and her siblings scattered. They escaped with their lives but didn't see each other again. She was on her own, with the many dangers of the wild, narrowly escaping death's grip as life-threatening situations were around every corner. With many encounters with lone wolves and packs that rejected her, she learns to hide her fear by putting on a different persona. The persona of acting tough, making snarky and sarcastic comments and responses. But she can’t always hide some of that childish nature. On the inside, she is a scared little pup wanting a family. And every time she went to a pack, she was rejected, or she would join for a short time, then thrown out due to her parents being rouges. As she grew up, she learned how the wild works and learned how to defend herself and learned how to fight with a ruthless manner. When she would join any packs, the Alpha was abusive and ruthless, ruling with a dictatorship manner. When she joined she was the Omega of the pack, therefore she became the punching bag and couldn't do anything about it. And every time she would leave and try again. Her physical scars eventually healed, but her emotional scars still linger.

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Pack History

Dandelion, Corvus, Aries, Hercules


·Lambda Family
Profile of Vespera: Additional Information
She hates spiders.
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