Profile of Collision: Quick Facts
Pledged Two Rivers Isle
Played By: Impala
Basic Info
Full Name: Collision Adravendi
Subspecies: Wolf
Size: Large, Stocky
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 5 years (10/30/2018)
Birthplace: Outskirts of Teekon
At a Glance
Profile of Collision: Details
A large grey fellow--Collision is made of stocky proportions. Evidently not much for agility he finds peace in his bulky size. Standing at a generous 35 inches and weighing in at an equally gifted 180lbs. The man carries it well with flattering muscle well formed beneath a thick coat. His eyes are windows to his soul--golden pools that inflict thoughts of sunshine. The only interruption in his other wise typical design is the white that decorates his chest, the slightly browned portion of his face, and the darker grey that saddles his back.

Currently, Collision is considered healthy, though, he is thin. Years as a loner coinciding with a slow speed, inhibiting his efficiency as a hunter, have taken a toll. It is fair to note while threading with him at this present time that he is noticeably thinner than he should be given his stature.
Collision is a typical stoic type. His best quality is his loyalty to another and the cause that they support. Only swaying should he witness intentional harm to an innocent being committed. Collision is the perfect lawful good personality. A man of the truth that would rather die than break his word makes him a perfect confidante. His largest downfall only being an insatiable need to see a wrongdoer punished to the full extent of the word. Quick to speak out against injustice doesn't make him everyone's best friend. Compassion and honor are his strongest traits and he holds them dearest to his heart among all of those whom he treasures the most.
❧ It is unknown who his birth parents are. Collision was adopted by a pack wolf when she stumbled upon him, clinging to life, alone. It is assumed his mother was a loner that did not survive herself. The lady, Guinevere, took him on as her own and raised him in a pack called Valhalla. This is where he learned his honorable principles.

❧ Collision sets out to find his own purpose and stumbles upon the lands of Teekon where his journey begins.

❧ Collision meets Reiko, Empress of Reneian Empire in ❧ Something Quicker Than Heaven and asks to come see her Empire. She permits it and he sets off to see if he can find a home among her lands.

❧ It has been years since Collision has set foot in Teekon. Time to lick his proverbial wounds of guilt and time to accept his path would lead back to the lands he fled.

Collision's parents are deceased
His brothers and sisters are unknown
He has no wife
He has no Children
Pack History
RENEIAN EMPIRE - 4/20 - 7/20
Profile of Collision: Additional Information
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Collision will rarely be featured throwing the first blow. True to his nature he is a defender and not an offender. Obviously, there are exceptions to this rule. That being said. At this present time if Collision is attacked I would prefer that each party has 20HP and we refer to tabletop rules (1d6). This is subject to change when Collision gets his Guardian Mastery.

If Collision should so happen to be on the offensive then these do not apply and I will happily follow your own rules that you have, or we can discuss how to handle it. I'm very open-minded.

This exists solely to save myself time and give consent to always be open for battles. Extent of battle injury (i.e. death, injuries, maims) must be discussed with me OOC via discord or PM. I follow a zero-tolerance for Power-playing and if you feel that -I- have done so in any way, shape, form, or fashion--please contact me, so that I can apologize and rectify the issue.

If you have any questions I think I've made it obvious what to do!

Below are links to open threads I've made that haven't been responded to. You are more than welcome to join absolutely any of them to meet with Collision!

≡ Some Bridges Don't Burn nothing intended, happy to help with a trade.

Art Credits
Header- Clash
Avatar - Kai
Appearance - Tori
Personality - Haptic!
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Hey guys! My name is Impala. I am a role player of almost 10 years. I've written wolves, lions, and dogs. Always with a preference for wolves. I have an amazing husband. I do have a dark and sometimes dry sense of humor, but I like most people, enjoy writing with all likes of people--and can not wait to write with you <3
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