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Lone Wolves

Marilee had been travelling for days, looking for her siblings. They had gotten separated by a flash flood and she hadn't been able to pick up their scents. She was hopeful they had gotten away unscathed, refusing to believe the opposite. As far as Marilee was concerned, no dead body meant no death. 

But, she could not stay on her own for very much longer. She could hunt small game well, but she needed large game to sustain her, and she couldn't bring it down on her own. Having to hunt often was depleting what nourishment she got from the small meals. 

The wind told her there were packlands nearby, and Marilee paused in her tracks. She was far enough away that she wouldn't be accused of trespassing, but maybe close enough that someone might accuse her of being interested. She knew every pack was different, and some were more willing to attack a stranger than others. From this distance, she hoped she could discern an imminent threat versus a wolf curious of her presence.
August 01, 2020, 12:37 PM
Siarut had left his children in the safe confondes of the rendezvous site. Despite having introduced them to the pack he had stuck close by, they were still his children after all.

But this morning he left them in the capable hands of the yearlings, and all were under the watchful eye of Valette. It had been many weeks since his wife’s passing, and Siarut was starting to get his life back in order, to prove that he was still capable of helping the pack. There was an inkling of worry they might chase him off without Nanook by his side. This had truly been her family after all. But Valette continued to appreciate him, despite her sisters passing, and his somewhat standoffish parenting, they remained friends. Family even. So he sought to prove he had earned his place amongst the ranks, not because of Nanook and now not because of his children. He deserved to be here.

Vaguely he though he should probably speak of these depressing thoughts with someone, but he shoved the thought off. He was fine.

He started to process of returning to normal life by heading out on patrol. An act he hadn’t performed in over a month. As he reached the landmark on the edge of the territory, a unique rock that stood as a unique signifier, he caught the narrow silhouette of a stranger farther off. Raising a brow, the giant bear of a man approached the other canine. His head held high, tail raised in a dominating fashion. She was far enough away that he wouldn’t deem her a trespasser, but she had yet to call for the territory leaders, which rose Siarut’s suspicions.

”Who are you? What are you doing skulking around our borders?” He kept one eye on the woman, and one on his surroundings. Perhaps she is from the pack that tried to snatch Kallik? His hackles rose subconsciously at the thought, but he stood his ground, staring the woman down.

Inuttuk, Common

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August 01, 2020, 01:18 PM
Lone Wolves

It did not take long for someone to spot her, and he immediately inquired upon why she was here. He didn't exactly seem to want to attack her, but his intimidating stature had her cowering to the ground all the same. Her tail tucked quickly under her abdomen and her ears flattened on her skull as she tried to make herself appear as small and submissive as possible. 

I apologize for lingering, she said genuinely. I do not often wish to bring attention to myself, and I was not sure if the pack would welcome a stranger. Honest and to the point. I am seeking to join a pack, should they be friendly and have room for me. She went quiet then, allowing him the time to respond, if he wished. She made sure to keep her eyes cast downwards, towards his paws, never lifting them to his face.