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Mate to Ingram

Basic Info
Full Name: Blodreina Eyjolfur
        Nickname: Reina
        Formerly: Eske
        Pronunciation: ( blood-re-nah )
Subspecies: Mixed
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (June 24, 2016)
Birthplace: Sleeping Dragon, Teekon Wilds (Sleeping Dragon)
At A Glance
a warrior mom AND a salty bitch

[Image: tumblr_pp1s5t1NO81qcxa02o9_400.gif]
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Profile of Blodreina: Details

Artwork by java
eske resembles gavriel more than she does her mother. her dark brown coloration of birth has faded to a more agouti mixture with age. eske's eyes are the color of bright green-blue sea glass, and she has filled out to stand taller than her mother boasting a medium height, and feminine build. a valkyrie of legends; she is as beautiful as her mother and grandmother thistle before her...and just as deadly. from a fight with shardik she sports scars from a swipe of his mighty paw from the beginning of her rib cage across her shoulder where they notably thin and taper off and several kill marks on her right shoulder from the wars she's been in.

HUMAN MODEL & VOICE β€” scarlett johansson
[Image: tumblr_pr8y8mPnwK1r74nq4o2_540.gif]
"that girl has always been half-goddess, half hell" β€” nikita gill

WANLIDA. bringer of death β€” determined. aggressive ( hostile ). ambitious. extremely pragmatic. reina deigns to quickly sink her teeth into anything that will give her advantage. she's very competitive by nature. the last born and afraid that if she does not strive to over-achieve she will fade into the background. she devotes herself to fighting and is both a skilled tactician and fighter. reina's independent and incorrigible with her stubbornness. given the recent birth of her daughter she is liable to be even more aggressive towards strangers and is very protective of β€” and soft towards β€” praimfaya ( and ingram ). she will do anything to assure her family is safe and has a place to grow.

Artwork by siro
06.24.2016 β€” eske is born into the world alongside her siblings: freyja, thryi & hvitserk.
12.18.2016 β€” sheds the loΓ°brok name for "kom" drakru
12.18.2016 β€” sleeping dragon erupts & eske flees with drageda to the north
03.12.2017 β€” eske is promoted to cheka
05.12.2017 β€” kendra (eske's first love) passes away
08.10.2017 β€” eske is temporarily promoted to fleimkepa to act in heda's stead as she recovers from a severe illness
09.07.2017 β€” eske steps back down when thur is well enough and is promoted to wanlida
09.07.2017 β€” eske finds mallaidh and takes the starving girl under her wing
01.19.2018 β€” drageda & redhawk caldera go to war with blackfeather woods
06.03.2018 β€” eske has a tussle with a bear in ankyra sound
03.10.2019 β€” eske conceives praimfaya with ingram
03.24.2019 β€” with a heavy heart eske leaves drageda with aure, verx & co.
03.24.2019 β€” eske joins diaspora with aure, verx & co.
05.12.2019 β€” eske gives birth to praimfaya
05.14.2019 β€” eske & ingram become mates

Pack History
MATE: Ingram
OFFSPRING: Praimfaya ( 2019 )

PARENTS Gyda x Gavriel
SIBLINGS Freyja *, Thyri *, Hvitserk * (06.24.2016)
Nyko , Druna (??.??.2017)
???, ???, ??? (2018)

only natal & immediate relations are listed. full Lodbrok family tree β€” hasn't been updated in some time and is severely out of date. *denotes relations that eske no longer acknowledges as such.
        Aquilifer ← Decurio ← Geist

Previous Packs:

[Image: warrior.gif] β€” earned 12.25.2016
β†’ guardian β€” 03.12.2017 β†’ mastery β€” ???
β†’ tactician β€” 09.15.2017 β†’ mastery β€” ???
Profile of Blodreina: Additional Information
BLODREINA Β· Trigedasleng β€” red/blood queen
ESKE Β· Norse β€” spear of the gods
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β€” your hands are wet with the blood
of an empire. you lick it off.
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