Profile of Korei Julia: Quick Facts
Korei Julia
Played By: Cody
Basic Info
Full Name: Korei Julia Ostrega
Subspecies: Eastern Timber x Mackenzie Valley x Rocky Mountain Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 4 (August 18th, 2016)
Birthplace: Moonspear, Teekon Wilds
Profile of Korei Julia: Details
Julia is white with cream-tipped toes and ears, golden eyes, and grey-and-pink speckled paw pads and nose. She is small in stature, smaller than her siblings, but she has a big heart in tow. Missing part of her right ear.
Korei Julia
Kind-hearted · Observant · Dependent · Quiet · Caring · Opinionated
Born August 18th, 2016.

She lived a good life at Moonspear, playing with her three triplet sisters and learning from her Papa. By the time the second litter of her siblings came, however, Korei became too curious for her own good. She began questioning one too many things, and the constant questions tended to annoy her family, as she was so very dependent.

She befriended a wolf by the name of Pyx, and aspired to be like her. Pyx left one day, and at the time Korei was not so bothered.

She felt closest to her Mama in this period of time. But one day, everything changed when her second litter sister Galaxy fell, believed to be dead. She was ridiculed, and believed it to be her own fault until she and the other Moonspearians found her once more. After this she grew very close to Galaxy, as she saw herself in her and held her very close to her heart. She taught her many things, and thought of her as her bestest friend ever.

But sometime after, Galaxy was lost once more. This time, there was no returning. Korei was under pressure, as she had lost her closest sister. Devastated by how her family saw her views of non-violence, and wanting no more death, she ran away.

She ran into a wolf named Lennon on her travels, her saved her from a river. Korei stuck with him, becoming rather close as he was very protective over her. They met another wolf further on, Alarian and they continued to travel Teekon, looking for a pack for Korei. They ran into a couple of things; a cougar, another pack that acted aggressive. And then, they formed their own upon finding some relatives of Alarian's.

Korei Julia hadn't met that many of them in the pack, but she did her best. That was until a large cat colony came in and ruined everything. The pack got ill, including herself. So with Alarian's help, Korei went off to find herbs. It was here she came across one of her sisters, and the meeting broke her. Memories came rushing back. The pack was forced off, and during the move Korei and Alarian moved off from the group.
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Pack History
Moonspear8/18/16 to 1/4/18

BRACKEN SANCTUARY4/9/18 to current
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Not much for here. I'm Australian (now living in Hawaii.), 19 coming onto 20 in a few months. I write. Alot. And am a huge gamer. Oh, and autistic
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