Profile of Thresher: Quick Facts
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Sweetharbor Discipulus
Played By: Jess
Basic Info
Full Name: Thresher Heatherwine née Volkodav-Corten
Subspecies: Wolfdog (mix of Armenian Gampr and belgian groenendale, and grey wolf subspecies)
Size: Medium, Stocky
Sex: Female
Age: 4.5 (June 26, 2018)
Birthplace: Wheeling Gull Isle (Undersea)
At a Glance
Thresher is a beautiful, young adult female, with a slightly boxy build and square shape to her spine and hind quarters, but somehow she manages to make this sturdy build appear soft and graceful. With a short back, thick legs and a deep arch to her ribcage, there is a sporty sleekness to her shape. Her coat is a plush beige, darkening a bit along her spine to the colour of wet sand. She bears the same markings as her father- a dark mask that covers her muzzle and trails up between her two soft, brown eyes, and a little beauty mark just below her left eye.
Profile of Thresher: Details
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Reference by Houkie <3<3<3
Thresher is much like her mother in build, but her father in colouration. She stands just slightly taller than Coelacanth does, but with the same square build, slim legs and small feet. Her tail and legs will be feathered, her ears erect and tufted just slightly. She has have a sharp, angular look about her, which is softened considerably by the grace with which she moves, and the gentleness of her fawn brown eyes. From her father's side of the family, she sports a muzzle which is darkened as though muzzeled, and somewhat broad and softly shaped. This dark mask leads up to a point above and between her eyes, and she has a small, black beauty spot below her left eye. Her pelt is a creamy shade of pale beige, darkening along her back to a mix of slate grey and mouse brown, with black guard hairs along the nape of her neck, somewhat echoing the markings of her father, trailing down her spine like a dorsal stripe.

Father: Stockholm Volkodav
Mother: Coelacanth Corten
Siblings: Grayling, Sixgill and Koi
Mate: Pike Heatherwine(offsite)
Daughters: Coelhae, Muirne & Thessa (2019); Simbelmyne & Larkspur (2021)
Pack History
Born Wheeling Gull Isle, in Undersea. After living there for a year, she and the majority of Undersea left, to live with family on the mainland. Nearing two years of age, she returned to Wheeling Gull Island, but found no one she recognized so she journeyed further inland to return to her family.

On her way, she would meet a trio of brothers travelling together- Skipper, Scallion and Pike. The twins- Skipper and Scallion- while harmless, were incorrigible jokesters and made fun of her for being shy, but were told off by Pike, who was gentler, kinder. By the time they found a valley to claim she and Pike had become mates, and she brought three daughters into the world late that summer.

For another year they lived in the valley but due to the unsettling presence of a pack nearby that had begun to push their boundaries, tensions built up. Not long after giving birth to two more daughters in her third year, the pack started getting harassed more regularly, especially when a nomadic pack had come to settle in an alliance with their rivals. When winter came, a famine arrived- and Thresher and her family were forced to leave their valley. They began to rove West, toward the lands she had once called home, making a hard journey through the winter months.

While travelling along a ridge in the mountains, the pack was separated by an avalanche. Thresher ended up stranded on the North side of the mountains alone, while the others were forced to the South. Unable to breach the mountain at that point after the avalanche, they called to one another, promising to follow the mountain range West, where they might meet again at the seashore. She passed near the Teekon Wilds once, roving along the shore, eventually roving inland and continuing her search for a year. Over time, her journeying has brought her back to the Wilds, in hopes her family might find her there.

Profile of Thresher: Additional Information
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