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Basic Info
Full Name: Thresher Volkodav-Corten
Subspecies: Wolfdog (mix of Armenian Gampr and belgian groenendale, and grey wolf subspecies)
Sex: Female
Age: 0.66 (June 26, 2018)
Birthplace: Wheeling Gull Isle (Undersea)
At A Glance
Just beginning to look somewhat wolf-like in build, but hasn't quite grown into her large ears yet. Thresher has a boxy build, with a short back and spindly legs, and a deep arch to her ribcage. Her coat is a plush beige, darkening a bit along her spine to the colour of wet sand. She bears the same markings as her father- a dark mask that covers her muzzle and trails up between her two soft, brown eyes, and a little beauty mark just below her left eye.
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Profile of Thresher: Details
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Reference by Houkie <3<3<3
Thresher will grow up to be much like her mother in build, but her father in colouration. She will grow to be larger than her mother, but with the same square build, slim legs and small feet. Her tail and legs will be feathered, her ears erect and tufted just slightly. She will have a sharp, angular look about her, with the exception of her muzzle which will be slightly broader and more like her father's than her mother's. Her pelt will be a creamy shade of pale beige, darkening along her back to a mix of slate grey and mouse brown, with black guard hairs along the nape of her neck, somewhat echoing the markings of her father, but will trail down her spine like a dorsal stripe. Her muzzle will be black, with a stripe leading up the wide bridge of her nose and will stop just above and between her warm, brown eyes.
Thresher will be a shy but highly intelligent girl; hardly a rule-breaker at all and a sponge for knowledge, she will idolize both her parents and heed all warnings and rules given. She will be a bit nervous about new things when she is young, but with proper guidance and reassurance will show her more outgoing, sweet side. Around those she trusts she will be playful and charming, and though she won't speak much, her emotions will be easily recognized through very strong body language. Thresher will be very expresive, with large, doleful eyes and ears that constantly display her emotions.

When it comes to new wolves and new experiences, she will be quite reserved and unsure of herself. There won't be any particular reason for her to be this way, apart from the fact that she is a natural follower, and wants to do everything right and avoid getting in trouble. Nothing will vcause this, it will simply be in her nature to want desparately to please her parents, and those she knows and trusts. She might come across as being a bit of a doormat, but it does make her happy to please others.

When it comes to listening, few will be a better wolf to talk to. Thresher is a highly empathetic girl, almost hypersensitive to the emotions of those around her. This can cause her a bit of strife, as it will lead to a slight anxiety problem.
Pack History
Father: Stockholm Volkodav
Mother: Coelacanth Corten
Siblings: Grayling, Sixgill and Koi
Will be born at Wheeling Gull Isle, in Undersea.
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