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Basic Info
Full Name: Aerasha Eliza La'Morasa
Subspecies: Gray Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 Years (9/3/2016)
Birthplace: Outside Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
The embodiment of -w-

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Profile of Aerasha: Details

Like a cup in the morning, Aerasha is a beautiful blend of soft coffee tones saturated with overbearing power of milk. Though unlike the morning pot, she is alive, and stands gracefully as a wolf. She holds herself in elegance, but her atmosphere is humble as she'll lower her brown head to meet their gaze. She has a very relaxed look, and almost looks at times she might be drowsy as the wolf unhurriedly speaks and dips her head side to side. If one isn't amazed by her luxurious, prominent chest white that matches her long tail, they'll be memorized by the rare sight that is her gaze. She has an unusual mutation, a decoration unlike many of her kind. Her gaze is like the setting day, as Aerasha's eyes is split; her upper iris being a soft brown tone, but the lower half being a baby blue, standing out from her milky and brown tones. She is a decorated coffee of the morning, a mixture of milk and beans, but the cup is colored with a tint of blue.

A blemish in a good morning, there's an obvious scar that runs along the front of her arm. It's a large gash that attempts to extend itself from beyond her arm to her torso, however missing by a few inches. It was healed completely, but the coffee fur refuses to grow back.

charming - leisurely - open - playful
breezy - unpredictable -dreamy
aimless - careless

Aerasha is a charming fellow, she looks like a cloud of evaporated tea, and is relaxing as the drink. Her soft look, her soft voice make it all too pleasant to look about. She speaks in a friendly, but teasing like tone; her words always end in an exaggeration, as for some reason she likes to draw out her words, only adding to her own unique charm. Her voice does not change regardless of who she is with, making her quite friendly and down to earth to even the most cruel wolves. Being easygoing, she talks normally to everyone and doesn't hold their past against them, nor their' rank. Though she tends to go with her own flow, going through life at her own leisure, unworrying about what others think. She doesn't care of what others view her and simply goes with how she feels at the time, finding no rush to do what she enjoys. That being said, she has no aim in life, thus often unmotivated and lays around doing nothing. She cares little of power, rising to the rinks, honing or skills, or even making friends, because they simply come and go.

She enjoys teasing others; doing it unknowingly at times. Aerasha is rather open and speaks what her mind thinks at the moment. She may call someone cute regardless of gender or even size, because that's how she views them at the moment. Her words may seem flirty, but she really is just open on her opinions. However she'll never get in a debate or try to change someone's opinion, and tends to just try to brush off the situation with a "ohh wellll~" and goes on her merry way. She does not like confrontation, and prefers to be stress-free.

Pack History
ELKWOOD KINGDOM β€” 9/3/2017 till ???
LONE WOLF β€” ??? till 9/2/2018
EASTHOLLOW β€” 9/2/2018 till present
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