Profile of Eldritch: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Eldritch "Hekate" Nightwish
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 4 (March 5th, 2017)
Birthplace: Far Away
At A Glance
Medic (1/5)
Spiritualist (5/5)
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Profile of Eldritch: Details
Height: 36 in.
Weight: 145 lbs

A pitch black hound with white-silver eyes, lithe and eerily ethereal

Voice: Eva Green as Vanessa Ives, Penny Dreadful

[Image: Eldritch_Nightwish.png]
[Image: file_4f801862fe_original.jpg]

Seeming almost not quite there, Eldritch is a wolf of the spirits, preferring to solve situations with words rather than teeth. Her personality can be summarized as: calm, observant, analytical, and strategic, yet as benevolent as she is, she has a streak of cruelty, saved for those she deems deserving of her ire.
[Image: 5fa9ccee1ad62c02d050e9dce5df7d5d.gif]

Eldritch and Nyra were the result of a ritualistic mating between the Priest and Priestess of a cult. The sisters were thought to be blessings from the Darkness, and collectively were referred to as the Fates by the other cultists. They were the treasured heirs of the cult, groomed since birth to share such a throne.
At the ages of 1, the Sisters witnessed the aftermath of the slaughter of everything and everyone they had ever known. They have no clue as to why their family was slaughtered, but the Fates had not been around for it - they had been out and about, hunting, gathering offerings for the Dark Gods.
Upon their return to the Nest, they saw the carnage. Wolves from another place had pillaged and torn apart every Cultist they could find, and didn't stick around to see if survivors were left.

Nyra left shortly after, hell bent on making a new life for herself, and leaving her old life and her sister behind.

Eldritch tried to track her down, but lost the trail before she could get far. Determined and headstrong, she continued her track-hunt, and has been lead to the Teekons.
Pack History
---IC Relations---
Night-Sister Aerenys

---IC Family---
Nyra (presumed dead)
9/8/2020 - Lone Wolf

1/25/2021--2/08/2021 Ivory Rose
鈻 Moirai
鈻 Pledged

2/8/2021 -- 3/25/2021 The Covenent of Ebrion
鈫 Witch

3/26/2021 -- Present Ivory Rose
鈻 Eunomia*
鈻 Arae
Profile of Eldritch: Additional Information
Eldritch is fluent in Daedric (Valryian) thanks to Aerenys teaching her the language behind the scenes!
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