Profile of Fawna: Quick Facts
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Played By: Silverfang
Basic Info
Full Name: Fawna
Subspecies: Borzoi Wolfdog (50% Wolf)
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years (April 24, 2018)
Birthplace: Outside Teekon Wilds
At a Glance
> Beige to soft auburn gradient colors.
> Split heterochromic eyes: soft rose and sky blue.
> Gentle disposition.
> Spots along her body, vaguely resembling fallow deer markings.
Profile of Fawna: Details
[Image: 30026874_zKgyyKaWb3K4PYU.png?1609721700As] per her name, Fawna sports colors natural yet with a particular softness that offer her the look of a fawn or a fallow deer. Her colors range from soft beige and fade to a slight auburn settled upon her back and shoulders. She has a generally rounded conformation and is relaxed in body language more than anything else. Her eyes are a light rose shade with particular heterochromia of sky-blue.
Fawna is not a fighter, nor will ever be. But she has been known to do what is needed to survive, though she is not a fool to take on what is far beyond her capacity to handle. She is wise in that she will not risk her life or her hide for something that is trivial to her, and as she has lived on her own for almost her entire life, she knows what is needed to take care of herself and not much more. This does not make her a particularly selfish being, however; she is more than capable of doing what is right and is not above an act of bravery; if, again, such an act is worth it to her. She is caring, nurturing, and gentle. She feels that being soft in a cruel world is perhaps the most empowering thing to be in life.
For as long as she can remember, Fawna has lived alone in the wilds. She was born to a wolf mother and a sighthound father, and thus, has never known the comfort of a warm home like such domestic dogs have. Instead she grew up semi-feral and with the necessary knowledge in order to survive when her mother and her were separated (by choice or by incident, she still doesn't know to this day, for perhaps her life-giver was disappointed in what her daughter was growing up to be, to look like) and since then, left to fend for herself.

Fawna does not hold ire or insecurity in this fact, but may at times feel sad about this piece of her history; though she knows, in a deep part of her inside, that she likely will never see her mother again, and therefor must not let such a memory slow her down for fear of slowing herself down in the process.

She has since shaped herself to be who she is today, with no tethers to a particular land nor desires to stay settled in one place for very long. She adores traveling, and the freedom it brings.
Profile of Fawna: Additional Information
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