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Full Name: margaret "maggie" lacewell
Subspecies: coyote
Size: Small, Thin
Sex: Female
Pronouns: she/her
Age: 2 (7.16.2020 - 10.14.21)
Birthplace: Covent Garden
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leucistic coyote. pink nose/mouth/pads. dirty-footed. bawdy. loud-mouthed. icewater blue eyes. broad cockney accent. face of an angel, foul-mawed as one of satans imps
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born to a whore. fathered by a cull. she knew neither ma nor pa, and saw a half-dozen of her little siblings buried before they were more than a mite. time had hardened maggie, and she seemed older than her years.

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not long after joining akashingo in service of the pharaoh, maggie was mauled by nyra. after a near month of deterioration as she lay in a coma, she was mercifully dispatched by slate of ursus.
bawd — jawahir

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