Profile of Ash Paw: Quick Facts
Ash Paw
Sacrarium Subject
Played By: Not specified
Basic Info
Full Name: Ash Paw
Subspecies: Mixed
Size: Small, Thin
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 3 (July 3rd, 2019)
Birthplace: Out of Area
At a Glance
Small, Unassuming, Tawny and Black. Azure blue eyes. One Sooty colored paw
Profile of Ash Paw: Details
Small tawny and black wolf with azure blue eyes and one sooty looking paw.

Has a thin scar along her nose/muzzle.
Ash Paw was born to ShadowDancer and Druissa on July 3rd, 2019. The only pup in her litter as both parents were quite up there in age. Raised by her father as her mother died in childbirth. She was coddled and spoiled and taught her grandmother's beliefs, well the bare bones of the beliefs, and she took her granma's stories and worships and ran with them.

She was raised by her auntie Thistle who came back after the death of her husband and her children moved to a place, she was not happy. Though Thistle stayed in the outskirts, Ash Paw gleaned enough from her life that she knows a good deal about her.

She followed her Auntie Thistle to the Teekon to keep her safe, while her auntie went on a pilgrimmage to eventually die where she lost her husband and birthed her children.

Now Ash Paw with no purpose is loose and adrift. Learning about herself and others. And continuing her bit deluded sense of worship of Atka and Sos.
Thistle Cloud-Aunt
Pack History
Profile of Ash Paw: Additional Information
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Ash Paw's Signature
Ash Paw is a follower of Atka and Sos as she ages, who she will follow will depend on ic mostly.

Will be doing a lot of toiling/planting the herbs she gathered in August. Sacrifices mostly animals, but may use her own blood at times, so it will be normal to see superficial scratches on her.

September, Beaver Moon - the time of harvest and great toil. Long days and nights of rebuilding, unity, and strength for the upcoming Crow Moon. Weak links are repaired. Looming dread for the Crow Moon.
- Day of the Bee: sweet mint and summer flowers are harvested to promote the pollen collectors for determination and strength in work.
- Night of Atka and Sos: the end of this season heralds a vital ritual dedicated to the Primary gods. Large, exotic prey (or blood of a wolf) are offered to appease the coming wrath of Sos in the Crow Moon. A particularly savage event, it dictates the entire outcome of the pack's survival.
- ceremonies involving sacrificial offerings and gifts are prevalent to help overcome the winter and prepare for hardship.
- Day of the High Tide/Fall Equinox 9/22/22: offerings are placed within the sea to appease Sedna during the oceans highest/largest tide
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