Blackfeather Woods into the nothingness of scorn and noise,
All Welcome  January 30, 2018, 05:19 PM
Blackfeather Woods
AW for those remaining at blackfeather; backdated to after the war and the subsequent flight of everyone else

        she had not fled — she had not left behind the gloom nor the darkened corridors of the hallowed packlands. relmyna had removed herself to the tunnels beneath, the glowing cave she had walked with euron; the evoker still heard the clash of war when she moved through the empty lands, when she closed her eyes seeking sleep. the scent of blood remained thick in her nostrils.
        the gods had not looked favorably upon blackfeather, and relmyna blamed not only herself, but potema. how could the priestesses of this woodland not perceive the lack of affection toward their wolves? maegi — the girl she hoped would return to become a god-worshipper even more powerful than the pale mistress of the dark brotherhood.
        when the days had begun to bleed into one another, relmyna stepped over the pile of bones that marked where she had dragged her scant kills down into the tunnels and ascended into the nighttime world. the ruination of blackfeather shook her, and it was with tears that she carried the rock of ages to nightcaller temple, and wept silently in the snow when she had arrived.

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