Bearclaw Valley it's a beautiful day in this neighborhood
All Welcome  April 16, 2018, 09:03 PM
Lone Wolves

oopsies meant to start this earlier. set for morning of april 11, just after his visit to Easthollow. AW to Bearclaw wolves!

immediately following his pleasant introduction to valette and easthollow's borders, adi headed south, skirting the edges of the peculiarly shaped mountain he'd seen from a distance. this must be the bearclaw valley indra had spoken of, he surmised, and after resting for the night a ways away from the border, he woke the next morning recharged and full of vigor.

he took the long way 'round, circling the south edge of the crag before coming to a halt near the entrance to the place. it was an imperious place, no doubt about it, and he had no doubt the wolves that inhabited it were just as fierce. the border markings smelled of a strong pack, anyway.

indra had been nice enough to him in phoenix maplewood--he smiled at the name she'd given him; he was quite taken with it--but that had been on his turf, and now he was on hers. he would not forget the lessons learned with grimnismal, nor yet the encounter with the russet man in the mountain cave. wolves were not always kind, no matter how friendly of a face you put on.

so, bearing the proverbial olive branch, he tipped back his muzzle and howled, keeping well away from the border and making sure his body language was genuine and submissive. after a while of waiting, and no answer, he gave a shrug of his shoulders and walked off. their loss, he supposed.