The Sunspire of these words i try to recite, they are close, but not quite
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Bracken Sanctuary
Set sometime sooner after Dakarai’s murder — whenever fits best into all the various timelines

At her Alpha’s bidding, Olive skittered off to find her daughter. Her youngest children were safe with Seabreeze, though her sister had been noticeably weak and despondent as of late, so the mother allowed her attention to turn fully to her eldest, star-smattered daughter. The only one who had stayed. If this event had been so undoubtedly traumatic to herself, then the druid could only imagine the damage her daughter sustained. Olive had actually experienced Dakarai’s love and affections — and the more she learned about Dakarai’s life post-olive, the more she doubted that Cassiopeia ever had. 

There was also an important matter to discuss with the fiery yearling: Olive had lied to Rannoch. Would the truth necessarily had been so bad? No, but Olive would rather suffer her own fall from grace than see such a fate fall upon her child. This was something the woman, a healthy three and a half years old, could handle; but she knew that young Cassiopeia had already been a prisoner once, and she would never let it fall upon her kin again. But — as a matter of fact — Rannoch had seemed pleased with her supposed actions. He was happy to see a threat to his home perish, but did not question how the elegant pacifist could commit such a macabre crime. And, this was not the first time she had told an untruth to Rannoch. It was also not the first time that he not only forgave her, but pardoned her actions with the fullest extent of his jurisdiction. There had been the matter of her secret pregnancy, after all. But, did she feel bad for taking advantage of his kindness, and so brazenly?

No, not really.

Instead, she felt sad at the loss of Dakarai. It was her heart that cried out and not her head, because her mind easily could digest what had happened and came to terms with it almost before Dakarai had shown up on her doorstep that fateful day.  As she searched out Cassiopeia’s whereabouts, Olive found herself also concerned about her daughter’s impulse to kill. Olive did not truly understand the depths of hatred as she had never felt it before — and she had never felt a need to shed blood that she couldn’t easily control. Wasn’t it only evil wolves who took lives? Was Cassiopeia like Aries, a good soul turned rancid, as he so claimed? 

She not dare call for Cass, lest anyone see the girl uninjured. As far as Rannoch and Terance knew, Cassiopeia had been attacked and injured… otherwise, would a downtrodden, silver-speckled man would have really seemed a true threat? Her pale pelt still stained a sickly shade of pink, crusted with blood, she pointed her nose to the ground to covertly seek out @Cassiopeia.  

and all my days are trances, and all my nightly dreams
are where thy grey eye glances, and where thy footstep gleams
in what ethereal dances, by what eternal streams

June 22, 2018, 10:08 PM

@Seabreeze had found her not after the weak-minded girl had left, seated with utter stillness on the stone she had not left. she was glad, she realized, for what she had done, glad for the sudden extinguishing of her slowly smoldering anger, hurt and shame. and it had gone out quickly and easily, almost, so soon after she'd left her father behind; but with it's dying flames had to come an emptiness that scraped her clean and left her numb.

perhaps it was better that way, surely, perhaps it was worst; she'd not bothered to finish cleaning her coat, not bothered to hide the streaks of rust that clumped together her fur and painted her muzzle here and there. she looked to the woman now, gaze collected and quiet, watching, waiting for her to summon rannoch, to see surely the hate in her mother's eyes at what she'd done.