The Heartwood play me like a violin
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Blackfeather Woods

winter had surely settled in with little care for any of the earth's many inhabitants. but then again why should it care, winter was essentially the number one predator and who had ever given a damn about their prey's living conditions when preparing to end their miniscule lives. things had been quite steadily slipping downhill for the woman although it wouldn't really appear so. in theory she seemed to be doing quite okay, she was settled now in a pack and nothing jumped out as wrong. but her mind had been causing her more and more issues as the days dragged on by slowly, oh so slowly.

she'd had to get out, guiltily slipping from blackfeather's borders just as the sun broke the horizon and lit up the frosty, snow dusted lands in a shimmering and deathly beauty. she didn't intend on being gone for long, she simply needed to stretch her legs and attempt clearing her mind. 

her paws would carry her at a brisk trot until she was a decent distance from the forest and she'd only glance back over her shoulder at the dark blur she'd agreed to call home before turning and breaking into a full on sprint. it felt good to focus all of her thoughts and strength on something as simple as running- pushing hard enough at her limits to leave her mind having no choice but to abandon any other thought processes and simply focus on meeting her paws demand to move at a certain speed. the bitter air whipped past her as she cut through it like an arrow- pale form a blur as she moved with a practiced grace. 

for a while it was simple as that, the land around her being processed as mere fleeting images that seemed detached and far away, the only thing reaching her pinned ears being the whoosh of the wind, her paws thudding against the crunchy blades of grass and her heart pumping so loudly it caused the adrenaline fueled blood to roar in her veins. however she possessed no super powers of any sort and so eventually the natural needs of the body would force her limbs to stop their frantic dashing and she'd come to quite the aburpt halt, skidding slightly before regaining her footing. quite a few moments would have to be spent standing there panting heavily but only after letting dark eyes scan the area and confirm that at the moment at least, she appeared to be alone. 

finally when her heartbeat had gotten enough of ahold of itself to ensure she wasn't at risk of having a heart attack, tundra would allow herself to properly take in where she was. it was the edge of a forest but not like any she'd ever come across before, this one reeked of death and destruction. blackened branches reached desperately for the snow laden skies as the small woman would start stepping forward- feeling an odd need to step lightly and carefully as if she truly were treading over the remaints of the dead. she was a splash of white amongst the blankened everything, looking so much more like a ghost than ever in the eerily fitting setting. 

the running had left her feeling more energized than ever- she felt as if she were attached to a live wire and every single rustle the breeze caused left her glancing quickly in its direction- have wishing for a threat to appear. however she came back empty handed everytime, it seemed she were the only living thing with a want to wander this land of death.

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December 08, 2018, 10:47 AM
The Melonii

Incorrect - she was not the only living creature to stalk within the depths of the heartwood.

The reaper had only been witness to her careful steps for a brief few seconds, though it had sparked something untold in his chest, a reawakening; it was only she who could tempt such tingles to occur at the base of his spine, clambering up through his bones like drizzles of liquid lightning. He had anticipated their reunion, though it would be a lie to suggest that he had predicted it so soon after their last, and he could recall every detail of that dangerous game with the sharp precision of a painter with a photographic memory.

The woods were draped in monochrome hues, still and silent. Even his own breaths reached up to lick at his nose, misted clouds billowing into the wintry air around him - it was sullen and lifeless here, and in the solemn realm of death he stuck his claim. Aries did not intend to rise as the king of the heartwood, or anything as such, but for now while he wandered, this was his domain. Everything she touched - his. And by enroaching upon this desolate, crestfallen land, she too became his. Her ghostly pelt blended with the stark white of the snow, and she drifted through with the unspoken grace of a faerie, a sylph, to bless his hungry eyes. He felt his heart thudder in his chest, as though thundering in impatient desire to fall from his watchtower and stalk toward the nameless wanderer.

He followed her.

It would not be long before her eyes trailed the horizon, sought relief from the sharp focus of an unknown stare - she would feel it trickle down her neck, like the frost-laden breath of a slithering ice dragon, who's claws raked the snow and across her body with a malevolent rush of deadly silence. Oh, he had not lied to her! Their game was far from over, and still he had yet to discover what exactly he desired from her.

If I cannot bend Heaven,
I will raise Hell.