Redtail Rise "Like love. Love and dying have been my life.”
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@Sanguinus - this is pretty close to Elysium!

the boy had ventured further than he had originally planned. his limbs had simply continued to carry him without reason or destination. he allowed them to act as they wished and enjoyed the trek that they created for him. he wandered past familiar and unfamiliar in a blend of wintery backdrops and endlessly snowy scenery. his mind whirred like a piece of machinery for the duration of his hike. he thought about everything that he could, still finding the thoughts would come and go as they pleased. sometimes he pondered melancholy things, and other times he thought of the good that had entered his life. it had left him with a peculiar mixture of emotions by the time he reached the rise.
once there, the savage young man turned his attention to the area. he scoped out a small path that would allow him to reach higher ground. he did well to determine that it wasn’t a dangerous trail to take. when he had found a perch for himself, illidan stopped and looked out across the earth that was beneath him. the wind lashed against his coat and drove icy needles into his shoulder and back, but he withstood. in the distance, he could see a herd of deer move carefully across a stretch of open land. they were only a few, but they did well to remain together and passed without disturbance.
the boy lifted his chin and released a mournful howl that echoed against the stone behind him. the wind carried it away, but the feelings still remained.
February 13, 2019, 10:53 PM
Lone Wolves

        Rumors had spread like wildfire among the fowl and other fauna, their whispers echoing in the depths of his mind as he trudged his way to towards the vague location that had been described to him when asked. Apparently a local pack was hosting a festival and as a man who never experienced such odd entertainment in his life, found himself drawn to the idle gossip that was thrown amidst the wind for any passerby to hear. So with only a loose idea as to where and when exactly this celebration was going to commence, Sanguinus spent the better half of his day roaming the western stretch of the taiga searching for any clues as to location of this alleged pack.

        In the end he was met with little success, his legs weary from travel and mind spent on the broken record that played the territory's description over and over again in his head. Truth be told he was nearly convinced this entire festival had been nothing but foul trickery of the nestlings, for he found no sign of any gatherings or really any life at all within the surrounding locations. In fact it was only at the sorrowful cry of some stranger did the stygian swathed wayfarer realize he'd come so close to crossing paths with another being. Charcoal ears instantly flickered attentively atop his crown as he drew his attention to the mirthless song, heart gnawing restlessly at his soul as he wondered what had caused such a joyless melody to be tossed like a rag doll amongst the brutal midwinter breeze. 

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