Phantom Hollow A shadow of its former self.
All Welcome  May 05, 2019, 12:16 PM
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A month had passed since the new moon brought forth four of the Melonii's newest spiderlings, born to a land that was not theirs to call home. Venamis and his siblings, entirely unaware of the pack's uprooting and attempt to reclaim their father's birthright, lived the beginning of their new lives in relative peace. They grew and thrived together, learned from one another, and remained blissfully unaware of their uncertain future.

Having recently sampled the new world beyond their family's den, little Venamis spent much of his time awake beyond the threshold of the burrow whenever his parents allowed it. The midday sun beat through the tangled tree branches, dappling the barren forest's floor with pale light, and the dark cub was content to chase them beneath @Nocturnal's careful watch.