Lost Creek Hollow every time we have no control
All Welcome  May 17, 2019, 05:45 PM
Lost Creek Hollow
<3 <3 looking for my sweet precious daughter @Ibis the babies are welcome to pop in too! no obligation

terance was in charge of the little menaces again today -- save for hood who was a sweet little child. terance didn't know how all three of the children were so different. in the past, okeanos and ibis had been so similar... at least, as babies. who, speaking of, as he watched the children play(ash gnawing on a nearby stick), terance wondered if she would stop by today. he didn't have anything new to share with her... but he was pretty sure she hadn't met her baby siblings yet, maybe she could today. or... if she wasn't interested, he would at least love to spend some time with her.

either way, terance took a few minutes to stare towards a pathway across the clearing, and when she didn't appear, he just leaned back to relax.