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All Welcome  August 14, 2019, 02:54 PM
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AW but looking for kiddos <3 @Stone @Brook

arrey! dekho, dekho!

thus aditya rushed onto the scene, an apple in his mouth. no, that is not hyperbole. aditya carried a spartan apple (though of course he wouldn't know that) in his mouth, the fruit of a rogue tree sprouted from seeds from the north. it was a marvel to him, having seen many such trees to the south and yet. . .it had been a long while since he'd seen one here.

he dropped it onto the ground, sweet taste left behind on his tongue from where he'd bitten into the flesh slightly. lakshmi! anand! he called out for his children, tail wagging. he thought the round little thing would make a fun game, at least; perhaps they could play tag, or hurl it around in a carefree game of wolf soccer.

either way, he was always up for an excuse to frolic with his kids.