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Saints Of The Dying Light
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He knew of the crone's return. They all did. He didn't want much to do with her, but what about Illidan? What if he'd been caught in whatever shitstorm had brewed up out there?
So he went to seek her out, carrying a gull as a gift. Prey was getting hard to find and it was all he could get on his whim. Freshly caught and ready to get her back to strength. Ready for winter.
The man wasn't against cannibalism if no prey returned. The most useless would always be first to go.

He sought for her around her old haunts. The flooded cave may be a place for her to reminisce until it dried out, if ever. If not, she'd be lurking somewhere else. If so, he'd just demand her attention. He was a higher rank than her currently, anyway.

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