Stavanger Bay Crab cakes
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Lone Wolves

Vallkyrie's travels brought her northward yet still. Leaving the steaming pools of water behind her, she traveled through the Gyrfalcon's Keep, their screeches upon their hill allowing Kyr the will to move quickly past through a valley and it was here she came out to the coast. 

Eager to set eyes on the sea, Vallkyrie moved through the tall grasses and fallen debris from the storms that had passed and towards the sandy shore. The stavenger bay was far more beautiful then any of the Teekon Wilds thus far, that was for sure. Beyond, she could see where the emerald grasses turned to forestry. She made a note to explore there and find what wonders lay within. 

Even with all the debris cluttering the beach, it was a sight to behold. The late afternoon had brought a shift of tides, the water receding the a manner of prey being exposed. Vallkyrie, having lived on a peninsula, was no newcomer to hunting crustacean and so began digging about the beach happily.
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Katya Noir
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She heard the sound of crashing waves before she saw them, picking her way carefully through the littered sand so as not to step on anything that could potentially harm her. She was curious, having never been much of a fan of water but fascinated by its immense size and beauty non the less. She hadn't much luck finding plentiful prey on the surrounding land, at least not worth filling her belly as she preferred and today she thought to try her hand at fishing--that is if the water hadn't already frozen over.

She knew winter was coming, and with it a change to the land that severly limited her ability to hunt with precision. Her nose lowered to sniff at the sand, and her eyes immediately locked on the trail of pawprints leading toward the water, it was obvious that she hadn't been the only one seeking out the prey of the sea. She approached the dark woman careful and slow, her posture neutral, and when she was within a good speaking range she announced her presence in case her scent hadn't been picked up yet by the wind. "Any luck?" she asked the woman, testing to see if this woman would show aggression to another showing up on her hunting grounds.